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Paint Tricks to Paint Like a Pro

Are you ready to start painting, but want to paint like a professional painter? It takes a lot of practice to understand every single tip and trick, but we made a quick list of paint tricks to help you paint like a pro. Keep scrolling to learn more. 

Inspect and Prep Beforehand

The first step you need to take when you want to paint like a pro is to inspect the area and prep beforehand. By doing everything before painting, you can clean, cover furniture and remove small items from the room. Prepping beforehand will also make the job go more smoothly and faster. If you need help preparing your home or a room for paint, then check out this guide

Use the Right Primer

Before you paint the color on your walls, you need to prime your walls. A primer will help keep your paint even and true to its color. But the type or brand of primer you use is important. The wrong kind of paint primer can alter the color you were hoping for. If you have drywall, you should use a water-based primer to help conceal imperfections and to create an even texture. For paneling, water damaged or smoke saturated walls, you will need to use an oil-based primer. 

Do Not Let Paint Dry Out

A bucket of paint will not dry fast, but over time, it will eventually dry out. If you do decide to take a break from painting or have leftover paint, drop golf balls to fill in the extra air space or place plastic wrap under the lid before sealing it back up. Once sealed, store the paint can or bucket upside down. By following these steps, you will be able to continue using your paint without any issues. 

Paint From Top To Bottom

While it may seem easy to start from the bottom because it is easier to reach, it is the complete opposite. You should always start painting from the top. Ending with the top section of your walls can result in drips and splatters, but if you start from the top and roll down to the bottom, you will avoid the issues. 

Take Off Switch Plates and Outlet Covers

To make painting easier, you can remove the switch plates and outlet covers. This allows you to not accidentally get paint on them. Once you remove these covers, place them and their screws in a labeled bag to avoid losing them. If you do want to remove these covers, you can place painters tape around their edges. Most of the time, this does work, but accidents do happen, so prepare yourself to clean any that occur. 

By following these steps above, you will be painting like one of the pros in no time. If you want a stress-free job, we have a team of painters who are ready at any time. We also use the highest grade of Sherman Williams paint, so your walls’ color is long-lasting and pigmented. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today