Questions to Ask Your Bathroom Remodeler

You’ve read our guide of the top ten reasons people remodel their bathroom, and now you are ready to start your renovation. Most likely, there is a load of bathroom remodeling business areas in your area. Before settling for a contractor, here are the top questions you should ask your bathroom remodeler.

Can I See Examples of Your Past Bathroom Remodeling Work?

Anytime you work with a bathroom remodeler, you should ask for photos or videos of their past work. This way, you can see if their end project’s quality matches what you want. Seeing past work can also give you added inspiration or ideas of what you may desire for your restroom. Many bathroom remodelers will have examples of their past work on their website, Google reviews or their social media. If you want to see our past work, you can find many examples on our social media pages (FacebookLinkedInInstagram and Pinterest) as well as Google reviews.

Do You Have Any References?

References such as past clients are a great way to get the first-hand experience of how your bathroom contractor works. These past clients could also answer your questions in further detail. If your remodeler is reputable, they should have a list of references on hand as well as a review platform. For example, we have hundreds of reviews on our website, Google reviews and Facebook.

Are You Bonded, Licensed and Insured?

An important question that many homeowners skip is asking if your remodeler is bonded, licensed and insured. A company with bonded workers has a security plan for homeowners where if the workers do not finish the project, the bond provides compensation for property owners. 35 out of 50 states have a contractor licensing system with its own set of rules that contractors must follow and carry to ensure the proper service for their customers. As a homeowner, you want to hire remodelers that have insurance. If anything happens in your home and they are not insured, you are liable for all the costs and damages. If you work with Valor Home Services, we are bonded, licensed and insured, so you can feel safe and comfortable with any project that we do.

What is the Process Start to Finish?

You should always want to know the process of your bathroom renovation. During your consultation, ask your contractor for an estimated schedule. If you go with us, we do a phone consultation, an in-home consultation, the remodel, final walkthrough and a few follow-ups throughout the year to make sure your restroom is still matching your expectations.

Who Will Be in My Home?

It is your home, so it is your right to know everyone coming in and out. A trustworthy company will tell you everyone who is coming in as well as their expertise. You will also meet them before they start working in your home. Once you meet the remodeler(s) working on your restroom, make sure to get their contact information. If you worry about your items being touched or stolen, we recommend placing valuables in a secure location during the remodel.

How Long Will the Project Take?

Not only will you have contractors coming in and out of your home, but your bathroom will be unusable (for the most part) during the time. Before the contractor gets to work, you need to ask how long the project will take. The time varies depending on what needs to be done, the size of the restroom, the contractors and your schedule. Another time-variant you need to keep in mind is that sometimes projects get pushed back due to materials, supplies, sickness and people’s schedules. Always stay in contact with your remodeler to know how everything is going. At Valor Home Services, our bathroom remodels can take anywhere from one to eleven days. Our team of skilled experts will keep you updated through every step, so you never have to be unaware of what is happening in your home.

What Are Some Features to Improve My Bathroom?

You are most likely updating your bathroom so it is more functional for your family. Many features or appliances can make your life easier. And the best way to know what works for you and your family is to ask your bathroom remodeler what some of the best features to improve your bathroom are. While discussing these features, make sure to tell your contractor the ages of everyone who will use the restroom, the animals you have as well as other lifestyle things like health issues or disabilities that you or your family may have.

Now that you know the top questions to ask your bathroom remodeler, it is time to find the perfect one in your area. If you live in Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville or the surrounding areasValor Home Services is ready to help. We have been helping homeowners in the area for over 20 years and have a team of bathroom remodeling experts. For more information, shoot us a message today.