Questions to Ask Your Refinisher

Hardwood floor refinishing is a task that many people call a contractor for. While you can do it on your own, we do not recommend it. Therefore, most homeowners look for the best refinisher in their area. Before settling for any team, here are some questions you should ask your refinisher.

What is refinishing?

If you have hardwood floors, and you have never refinished them, then you probably have no clue what it is. And, that is no problem. Hardwood floor refinishing is the process of removing stains, scratches, dents, sun fading, scuffs and other damages on your wood floors by sanding and adding a stain/finish on top. For a more general understanding, check out our hardwood floor refinishing e-book

Should I restain or refinish?

Sometimes your floors do not need refinishing to solve small stains or scratches. Instead, you can apply a fresh set of stain to refresh your wood floors. So how do you know you should restain instead of refinishing? The first step is to ask the contractor you are working with. You can send them pictures of your floors or do a home consultation for them to determine what the area needs. For a better understanding, you can check out our latest guide going over the difference between restaining and refinishing.

How long will the process take?

With any project, you should know how long the process will take from start to finish. And, this includes hardwood floor refinishing. Depending on the size of the project, it can take a few days to over a week. When talking with the contractor, ask what the job estimation is. As a note, give the time an extra three days from what they quote. Things or life happens, and the job may fall behind.

Should we move out during refinishing?

Hardwood floor refinishing is a loud, dusty and messy project. For small jobs, homeowners can stay in the home, but for larger projects, you will want to stay out of the house until everything finishes. You should always ask your contractor if you should move out during the refinishing and for how long.

What certifications does the contractor have?

Having the right certifications is important for any home service company. This means the company took that extra time to be properly and legally certified to do specific projects. Anytime you meet with any contractor, you should ask for their list of certifications and any other documents like insurance they may have.

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Can I see pictures of your work?

Believe it or not — we have come across many horror stories of people hiring a contractor who said they were skilled at refinishing, but ended up causing more damage than good. That is why it is important to see their past work. You want to see clear, unedited images/videos to see what the end product came out as.

Do you use dustless equipment?

Dust is a huge issue, especially when sanding is involved. You do not want dust particles to linger around in your home or air vents. That is why you should ask your refinisher if they use dustless equipment or other methods to remove all the dust refinishing creates.

Will your move or remove the furniture?

Whenever you refinish your hardwood floors, you have to remove or move all items, including furniture out of the way. Not every contractor will remove or move these objects. Therefore, during a consultation, you should ask them if they will move things around for you, especially if you know you cannot lift these heavy objects on your own. This one question can help you determine if you can work with specific contractors. Luckily, our team of skilled experts at Valor Home Services will move or remove the furniture and put it back in its place.

Will you clean after the job?

Like we mentioned above, refinishing is a messy job. From moving everything around to sanding down the floors, a lot of dust and debris exposes themselves. While most contractors like our team will clean the area after each day or after the completed project, some contractors do not clean after the job. A messy home can add extra stress to your life. If you want to skip this stress and mess, then ask your refinisher if they will clean after the job.

Will you add protective measures on cabinets, vents, etc?

The stain or finish they use on your floors can leave stains on furniture, cabinets, vents and other items. You do not want these items to become stained or ruined. That is why protective measures need to be added. You can do this before the job starts, or your contractor can do it. That is why you need to ask if they will personally add these protective measures on these items as well as remove them.

With these questions in mind, you can easily find the right hardwood floor refinisher for you. If you live in Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville or the surrounding areas, then call Valor Home Services. We are the top remodelers, refinishers, handymen and floor installers in the Greater St. Louis area. We would love to help you refinish your wood floors. Give us a call today to book a consultation.