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Refinishing Hardwood Flooring? Here’s What You Need to Know

Flooring: It is undeniably the first element noticed inside a home. When it comes to current flooring trends for 2017, homeowners are seeking out bold looks to set their homes apart from the rest. Neutral and glossy wood flooring is out. From the wide selection of stain colors and finishes available, the options to design your dream floor are seemingly endless. Despite the variety of wood-like flooring options available, hardwood continues to prove it is here to stay. Although colors, styles and design fads come and go, wood flooring is a classic choice that maximizes your homes value through its timeless beauty and unmatched durability.

Stain Colors

2017 is all about the extremes: incredibly dark and strikingly light with little else trending in between.

Ultra Darks

Seeking a contemporary shade that camouflages dust and makes the interior colors in your home pop? Your number one choice is any variation of a deep, espresso brown or jacobean. High-traffic areas, such as commercial locations, benefit greatly from this rich and shielding tone. Industry experts predict this look is here for at least another five years.

Brown VS Red

When going with a brown, try choosing a warmer, more earthen brown instead of a reddish brown, such as the once commonplace dark walnut and mahogany shades. Not only are these considered dated, they also reveal more grime and blemishes.

Ultra Light

Crisp and clean, natural-looking and low-gloss, the ever-lightening blonde flooring seen in today’s homes are a refreshing change from the once popular canary yellows and golds. Keep translucency in mind when making your stain selection. Lighter stains reveal more of the woods natural whorls and knots, so you may want to go with a less opaque tone. Popular in finished floors and continuing to gain popularity are the white-washed wood floors. If you opt for this choice, experts recommend using a water borne poly for all white-wash jobs to reduce the risk of your floors turning a shade of murky yellow.


Whether in a dark or light hue, gray flooring continues to appeal to the masses. Gray stains on the warmer side are taking the lead in 2017, likely due to the coinciding trend in gray cabinetry and walls. Although not without its challenges, one major benefit of gray stained floors is having the option to sand and re-stain when desired. Current statistics suggest varying shades of gray will be around for several more years.

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Top Finishes

Satin continues to receive acclaim. It is known as your middle-of-the-road finishing option: not too glossy, but not quite as dull as matte. 2016 was dominated by the satin finish, and the numbers are not dropping off. Many believe satin is a practical and long-lasting wood finish that will never go out of style, making this a safe choice for the long life of your floor.


Once dubbed as boring and dull, matte finishes have won the affection of those who prefer its natural look. Although not as popular as satin finishes, this trend is on the rise, especially as gray stain shades increase in popularity. The shinier and more reflective the finish, the easier it is to see dirt and imperfections, making a matte finish a suitable choice for those who want to draw attention away from everyday messes.


Newer on the scene, oiled finishes are without polyurethane and are made with an oil that penetrates the wood. The result is unique and natural, giving the wood a soft matte look. With time, the oil ages along with the wood, strengthening the texture and patina. Oiled floors allow for easy repair by simply adding more oil without having to sand and refinish as it scratches. Unlike polyurethane-coated floors, oiled floors can be more difficult to maintain, since oil needs to be added periodically. Oil is also unable to repel liquids, which is an important consideration for pet owners.

Embarking on the journey of hardwood floor refinishing can be daunting, yet you simply can’t go wrong by selecting any of these favored options. 2017 is the year of extreme and daring looks with no shortage of stain colors, finishes and flooring designs to choose from. While all homeowners hope to design a floor that withstands the many trends that come and go, it is just as important to keep in mind your own personal preferences. If there is an option that you are drawn to and suits you and your lifestyle, make the hardwood stain color decision that is best for you. After all, your floors belong to you and will be a part of your everyday life for what could be a lifetime.