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Remodels for National Moving Month

The month of May kicks off the busiest moving season in the country. As a result, back in the 1990s, May was deemed “National Moving Month.”

Moving is a big deal. It’s generally exciting and exhausting at the same time. But when it’s accompanied with a big life event like a newborn baby or a wedding, the emotional lift far outweighs the more challenging propositions of getting everything done on time.

With moving comes home remodels, too. Perhaps you’re selling an Edwardsville, Caseyville or surrounding area home that needs some work before it’s on the market. Or maybe you’re moving into a beautiful Belleville home that has some areas you want to update for your lifestyle or needs.

National Moving Month, without a doubt, has a lot of home projects that come with it. To take the edge off figuring out what to do when, we wanted to compile a list of some of the best remodels to do that are showing the biggest ROI in home sales today. By investing as intelligently as you can in your home, you protect what is (for most of us) the biggest investment of your life.

What are the 2020 remodels with the best return?

This isn’t the whole answer, but it’s a crucial first point.

Two words for you:

Exterior improvements.

Over the last six months, nine out of the top ten best investments for ROI on home remodels have been outdoor improvements. For example:

  • Stone veneer is coming back (on average) with a 96% return on investment in today’s home sales
  • A new garage door is coming in with an average return of 94.5%

Only after that does the first (and only) indoor remodel make its appearance in the top ten: the popular kitchen “facelift” remodel garners an average 78% return.

New decks, new front doors and even window replacements and new siding all come in right after that as more exterior upgrades with big returns.

It’s unsurprising that you’re thinking about either selling or buying right now, because you clearly aren’t the only one. Let me spell it out: the updates that are biggest now in home remodels are those that bring in the best curb appeal. You can only make a first impression once, after all, and these are the kinds of remodels that seal the deal for that first good look at a house.

These returns on investment also vary by region. For instance, kitchen “facelift” remodels are much more valuable in ROI around Belleville and surrounding areas than outside the Midwest. Some of this comes down to local building trends and what’s costing more where. Other factors include the average age of homes.

You landed on this article for a reason. Are you moving in May? Or are you starting some remodels on a home you just moved into? If you’re looking at remodels to sell your house and move into another, that’s a whole different story.

Whatever the case, we want to know what brought you by. We can help. Start a conversation with us today, right here on the website.