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How to Restore Your Carpet

Carpet, we love how it looks the moment after installation, but we hate the maintenance that comes along with it. The longer we have carpet installed, the more wear and tear it goes through over the years. Now add animals and children on top of it, and accidents will eventually happen. Before giving up completely on this flooring option, check out these four ways on how to restore your carpet. 


Between people, animals, doors and furniture, the edges of your carpet may start to fray or fall apart. That’s where carpet binding can rescue your floor. Carpet binding involves a simple polyester strip of tape sewn over the edge of your carpet to keep it from falling apart. The binding tape sewn onto the carpet usually matches or closely matches your carpet’s color. The other way to bind a carpet is to reinforce the edges of your carpet with special stitching called serging. We provide both options and allow you to keep any leftover carpet to merge contrasting colors to create a one-of-a-kind carpet. 


Over time, carpet starts to pull away from the tacking strips that anchor it to the sub-floor. This is where you may notice the bubbles or waves. Small amounts of wear and tear doesn’t mean you need to replace your carpet. Instead, if you notice tears, bubbles, waves and holes in your floor, you can get it easily restored with carpet stretching. Carpet stretching is true to its name because it involves tightly pulling the carpet while re-securing it back in place. We offer affordable carpet stretching with carpet repairs. All you need to do is send us pictures of your carpets, so we can evaluate and figure out the proper remedies. 


Before you decide on replacing your carpet, try to evaluate the damage. In most cases, you can easily restore your floors with minor repairs. Repairing your carpet encompasses carpet stretching and binding as well as fixing holes and other damages. To fully know what your carpet needs, you need a professional team to come and access the damage. We provide affordable and quality work on all our carpet repairs. 


How do you restore a carpet that doesn’t have any damage besides stains? The answer is simple — carpet cleaning. There are many ways that you can clean your carpets on your own. The most common do-it-yourself way is to use a carpet cleaning solution and a dry towel. If the stain is too hard to handle, professional cleaning and home services will have either a steam cleaner or a dry extraction machine to efficiently rid your carpet of any spots. Our team of experts specializes in carpet cleaning, so you can enjoy freshly cleaned carpet without all the work. 

Replacing damaged or stained carpets should be your last option. Before spending thousands of dollars installing new flooring, check out these four ways to restore your carpet. For more ways on how Valor Home Services can help improve your flooring or home in Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville or the surrounding areas, contact us today.