Retirement-Friendly Home Upgrades

Being able to retire is a great feeling. You can finally enjoy not working, relaxing, and doing just about everything that you have been wanting to do. But with retirement, some things also follow suit. Safety and accessibility are important features that all retirees need to remember, especially their health, safety and lifestyles. And one of the main places you will be spending most of your time is in your home. To ensure your property matches your new life, you need to check out these retirement-friendly home upgrades.

Install Slip-Resistant Flooring

The older we get, the harder time we have when it comes to balancing. To avoid any injuries, we recommend installing slip-resistant flooring like luxury vinyl or carpet. Some flooring options like ceramic tile also allow you to apply a slip-resistant coating to help homeowners from falling due to spills or messes. To get the best retirement-friendly floors, give us a call. We have been the floor experts in your area for over 20 years.

Modify Your Bathroom & Kitchen

There are many appliances and features that you can add to your bathroom and kitchen that can make your life easier and more accessible. In both areas, you will want to add handicap accessible options like walk-in tubs, shower benches/chairs, lightweight kitchen appliances and dishware, etc. The more accessible capabilities you add, the better quality of retirement life you will have.

Add Accessible Door Handles and Knobs

Some door handles and knobs can be hard to turn or grasp the older we get, especially if you have arthritis. Traditional handles and knobs require a tight grasp and quick wrist movement. These types of handles do not meet the accessibility requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act; that is why you will not see public buildings with them. The best type of retirement-friendly knobs and handles are lever styles. They have easier grips and have more functionality.

Create a Home Office

Even though you are retired, you may want to do side work or keep track of investments or other business ventures. And, the best way to keep everything organized is with a home office. Luckily with a home office, you do not typically need to do an entire remodel. Instead, all you need to do is rearrange or add new furniture, including a desk, desk chair and filing system.

Install Home Automation Features

Automated features are a great thing for any person, but even more noteworthy if you are retired. Automated items take out one or two steps in the process of getting a task done. Some good home automation features to add are a smart thermostat, smart lights, security systems, motion sensors and more. Plus, many of these features pair up with your smartphone or devices.

Add Proper Lighting

The older we get, the harder time we have at seeing. To ensure that you can see everything at all times, especially if you do not want to fall or trip, you need to add proper lighting throughout your home. Go through your home and take note of any dark or dim areas. An electrician can then go in and add light fixtures throughout your house. You can also add light strips along stairs or ramps.

With these adjustments in hand, it is time to create the perfect retirement-friendly home. If you need help getting any of these tasks done or a complete remodel, then call your local flooring, remodeling and handyman experts — Valor Home Services. We have been servicing Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Get your retirement-friendly home ready today by giving us a call.