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How to Set-Up a Nursery

Congrats on entering parenthood! Get ready for sleepless nights, constant feedings, dirty diapers and unlimited cuddles, smiles and kisses. Before your little one makes their grand entrance, you need to make sure their room is ready for when they come home. That is why we created this guide on how to set-up a nursery. 


As most of us know, babies, toddlers and children are all messy. They easily spill things and cause stains. That is why you need to have the right type of flooring in your baby’s nursery. You will want flooring that easy to clean and can withstand spills or water. Floors like tile, waterproof flooring and hardwood are great options in a little one’s room. If you are afraid of a hard floor, you can always place a rug on top to add some cushion for your kiddo. 


The first step in getting your newborn’s room ready is to paint it. Many soon-to-be parents enjoy going with a theme whenever they find out the gender. You are going to want to paint the nursery months ahead of time, so the fumes do not harm your baby. Also, doctors recommend pregnant women refraining from being around the paint. Therefore, another person must paint the room if you are pregnant. In situations like these, working with a professional painting crew is your best option. 


Once you have your floors and walls done, it is time to add in the furniture. A typical nursery needs a crib, changing table, rocking chair and dresser. You can add additional furniture depending on your budget, room space and vision. Baby furniture is all over the internet and in-store at your local supermarket store. 


The easiest way to figure out paint, decorations, furniture and how the room set up is to pick a theme. There are tons of baby themes out there. From under the sea to up in the clouds, you will find something that fits your nursery vision. If you want more inspiration or ideas, check out Pinterest or mom blog sites. 


The most fun you will have in setting up a nursery is adding the decorations. Once you have your theme, you can go on a roll finding and putting up these decorations. You can find a wide variety of items online or even in-store. And if you want decor that is vintage, one of a kind or handmade, visit Etsy or antique or thrift stores. 


Even when everything is up, that does not mean the process is complete. Before your baby enters their nursery, you must baby-proof it. You want this area to be the safest place in your home. For more information on how to baby-proof your home, check out this guide we created. 

Expanding your family is a huge step in anyone’s life, and by following the steps above, you will have a nursery ready to house your little one. If you need help repairing, renovating or remodeling any part of your home, contact Valor Home Services today.