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How to Set-Up an At-Home Classroom

This school year is a little different from the previous years. As a way to keep everyone healthy and safe, many school districts have decided to continue with online or remote learning. This only means one thing — teachers and students have to work/learn from home. If you are a parent, teacher or student transitioning to online school, check out this guide on how to set-up an at-home classroom. 

Make a Study Area

The first step in setting up an at-home classroom is to make a study area. Designate this area to everything related to school whether it be teaching, grading, learning or doing schoolwork. Don’t be afraid to make this area fun, comfortable yet educating. Go all out on decorating by using carpet tiles, new paint colors, printed pages, wall decor and more. The more you try on creating an inviting environment, the more excited you or your student will feel about teaching, learning and studying.  

Find Good Lighting

Did you know that we work better under certain types of lighting? In general, most people study the best with bright lighting so their eyes can keep up with the workload and won’t get tired. Darker rooms tend to remind our eyes that it is resting time. Natural lighting is the best kind of lighting to do schoolwork in. The sun tells your eyes and brain that it is time to focus and get work done. If you can, you will want your desk situated near a window. A good tip to remember is that you never want to sit near direct sunlight. Staring at the sun can damage your eyes. And, if you don’t have access to natural lighting, a well-lit room will work as well. 

Create Comfortable Seating

You and your child will spend many hours every day in this study area, so you’ll want it as comfortable as possible (but not comfy enough to make your student snooze.) You can add comfort by adding padded or ergonomic seating options. Ergonomic seating means furniture that was specifically designed for efficiency and comfort in a work environment. Some people use office desks with extra padding while others use a standard chair with a cushion added on top. Play around with different options that work best for you and your child. 

Make a Schedule

The best way to survive at-home learning, especially with little ones, is to have a schedule. On this schedule, you will want to have all class times, assignment due dates, lunch breaks, homework/studying times and even play breaks. Scheduling breaks in your student’s schedule will help them release energy, give them something to look forward to and help them concentrate better once they come back to class. Plus, you’ll never have to hear “Mom/Dad, I forgot to do my homework.” And, if you are a teacher, a schedule will help you keep track of how your students are doing or what is next on the lesson plan. 

Get an A+ in setting up a home classroom by following the tips above. And, if you need help paining your classroom or study area or any other home repairs, contact Valor Home Services today.