Should A Contractor Work On Your Home After Smoking?

Let’s get real — should a contractor work on your home after smoking?

“Super unprofessional. Bottom line. Do what you want to on personal time. But if a contractor shows up smelling of weed or booze, then it’s a terrible first impression. The price and quality of work is moot at that point.” – Customer Opinion. 

21 states in the US have legalized marijuana usage. And cigarettes and alcohol are legal in all 50 states. With the ever-changing laws, an increasing number of adults are engaging in recreational smoking and drinking. While you are free to do what you want when you want, should there be a law or restriction on smoking before heading to a contract job? We don’t want to venture too much into politics, so we decided to ask our Facebook followers and customers to let us know their thoughts. Plus in this guide, we’ll go over our standards when it comes to smoking. 

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Should A Contractor Work After Smoking Marijuana?

About 16% of adult Americans regularly smoke marijuana. Whether a person uses it medicinally or recreationally, should they work on a home improvement or repair project right after smoking? And the short answer is, no. Marijuana can impair decision-making and motor skills, making it unsafe for a contractor to perform any type of work. In addition, marijuana use can lead to poor concentration and a lack of motivation, making it difficult to complete a task. Not only can it distort your mind. It has a strong smell that can linger in the air. But to know if a contractor should work after smoking marijuana, we asked you guys what you thought, and here are some opinions we got from our Facebook followers and customers:

“If a contractor came to my home smelling like pot, I would immediately form a negative opinion of this person. If he smells of weed, he most likely smoked on his way to my home and has no regard for me as a customer. If I hire him, will he steal from me? Will he smoke pot in his car outside my home? Even though pot is legal here I can’t stand walking in a parking lot [and] seeing (and smelling) smoke roll out a window. I don’t care if you are on [a] lunch break or not, you are under the influence during company time. You are being disrespectful to your employer. You make yourself look bad. You make this company look bad. I don’t want you!”
“If they want to smoke in their free time, go for it. I personally don’t want the smell in my house or operating tools while under the influence.”
“It would be a huge strike against them for me. I feel the same as I would about someone coming and smelling like alcohol. Idc what you do in your off-time, but if you’re coming to my house to bid or do work, I expect you to be in full possession of all your facilities. I don’t want to have to worry about things being done improperly, incompletely, or without full attention to best practices or safety because they are under the influence of something.”
“I would frown on it. I know people use it medicinally, which is fine, but in the contractor world, we need to be safe. Some may view a contractor as unsafe if they smell of weed. I would suspect they are using [it] at the time if they smell of it. They shouldn’t smell of it if they use [it] recreationally or medicinally at home. I would ask them to leave and would not be getting a bid from that company in the end.”
“I would turn them away. I don’t care what they do in their personal time. But if they still smell of it when they get to my house, it’s a reasonable assumption that they are currently under the influence and: 1. Should not be driving. 2. Should not be operating equipment. 3. The altered state could affect their quality of work.”

Should A Contractor Work After Smoking a Cigarette?

According to the CDC, about 12.5% of adult Americans regularly smoke cigarettes. It is a legal product that you can easily purchase from grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores. However, should a contractor work after smoking a cigarette? Ultimately, a contractor shouldn’t work on a project after smoking a cigarette. Smoking cigarettes can affect a person’s physical and mental health, leading to decreased performance, increased absenteeism and increased risk of workplace accidents. Additionally, smoking can leave an unpleasant smell in the air and on clothing, which can be distracting to other coworkers or clients. Plus, if you are smoking on a client’s property, you could be creating a bigger mess since many people don’t properly dispose of cigarettes. 

What Are Valor’s Standards?

Every company is different in its views and standards about marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol. Our team at Valor Home Services knows that we make half the money we could make because we drug-screen every employee before hiring and only add technicians with clean results, but we’re okay with that. Why? While we may have gotten some hate and pushback over the years, we ultimately value you and your home. We don’t find anything wrong with the use of marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes, and we definitely believe that you should feel free to do what you want. What we do find wrong is the smell that comes from the three as well as the safety risks if our contractors partake in any substances that can alter the quality of work as well as put themselves and homeowners at risk. 

We know how difficult it is to remove the strong smell of marijuana and cigarette smoke from a house. In many cases, the smell can linger for days just by having one person smoke in your house for a short amount of time. And when you do not smoke or get ill from specific smells, it causes more stress and concerns. We also know that any substance used to alter the mind can result in shotty craftsmanship, which could lead to dangerous situations and things breaking easier. At Valor Home Services, our main goal is to provide you with stress-free experiences, and that includes taking away any concerns or issues you may have with marijuana, cigarettes and alcohol. All members of Team Valor are drug screened, background checked and trained before ever stepping foot in your house. If you are ready to work with a team that not only has the skills and experience but also values your home, call our team today. We would be happy to set up an appointment with you.