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Spicing It Up In The Bedroom – Floor Style

Serving as the base of your bedroom’s look, your flooring deserves extra attention beyond basic carpeting. Did you know that there is no “one flooring type” for this space?

You’ll want something in your bedroom that reflects a cool, relaxed and calming mood. And on top of that, your flooring needs to be comfortable so your feet feel at ease as you glide to your bed. This is not a consideration to be taken lightly, and only the best materials should be made an option. That means expanding your imagination from carpet to the more surprising possibilities for your bedroom.

There are eco-friendly, budget-friendly and style-friendly options in the home design world today that leave the days of “carpet only” in the dust.

#1. Hardwood flooring

Offered in an endless array of finishes and stains, hardwood flooring has a lot going for it in the bedroom. No matter what style of room you have, there is a hardwood floor shade to complement it perfectly. The ease of regular cleaning makes this flooring one of the favorites for those who can’t stand unsightly and often hard-to-remove carpet stains.

Normally used in the public living spaces, the durability of hardwood floors means flooring that lasts longer through years of wear-and-tear. Hardwood flooring can also be an eco-friendly and budget-friendly option depending on what wood you select. Reclaimed wood and salvaged wood are all viable options, too, when deciding to act on a much needed re-do of the bedroom.

#2. Ceramic Tile

For those who are interested in the most heat-friendly floors, tile flooring was practically made for you. Similar to hardwood floors, tiles come in an enormous quantity of styles that can be customized to suit your unique needs. A major plus is that they are known to keep your bedroom surface a calming, cool temperature.

What piques most people’s interest with tile flooring is the world of bold colors and patterns that they unveil. Perfect for modern rooms or even a more rustic look, tile flooring is one of the best unconventional bedroom flooring options out there. Your bedroom is your oasis to escape reality, and tile flooring allows you to live in your dream vacation room.

#3. Luxury vinyl planks

Whatever your subfloor, whatever your room’s design, there is a luxury vinyl plank option you will love. And because vinyl is 100% synthetic, it’s dependably moisture-proof for the humid months and won’t warp or bend with the seasons.

Vinyl plank is also known for being extremely durable with its commercial wear layers, making it a fantastic choice for those high traffic spots as you trek in and out of your room. The affordability also makes vinyl planks a great choice if hardwood isn’t an option. And with new developments in the technology behind its construction, luxury vinyl planks offer a versatility rivaled by few flooring options. Picture it: you gliding in and out of your bedroom, the perfect space with its unique design that invites you to come in time and time again. And with easy installation, you can get this flooring fitted in a snap!


Old habits die hard, and most of us are used to carpets in the bedroom. But when making the transition to new bedroom flooring, you’re not limited to one choice. Throw rugs or area rugs are the perfect complement to other flooring options, too. Strategically place rugs in high-traffic areas to offer an exciting opportunity to further customize your space. Not to mention, the ability to move them around to suit your ever-evolving furniture set-up opens up exciting possibilities!

Do you have questions about bedroom flooring options? We’d be happy to help, just give us a call or send over a message, and our O’Fallon and Shiloh, IL area experts will help you create the bedroom you’ve always dreamed of!