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What is a Standard Lot Basement?

Does your home have a standard lot basement?

The property on which the home is built serves as the basis (pardon the pun) for the general layout of any home. Lower-level basements may be difficult to find in certain areas, but they are a vital feature in practically all Iowa homes. Even if a basement is not finished at the time of construction, an additional lower level provides homeowners with storage space as well as future alternatives for increasing their living space. The most common of the basements are standard lot, daylight and walk-out lots. In this guide, we go into further detail about standard or flat lot basements.

Learn all about this kind of basement below.

What is a standard lot basement?

A flat or standard lot is, as the name suggests, primarily flat. A flat lot’s basement walls are fully below ground level, and egress windows are employed. The main level is directly on the ground, making the yard very accessible. A porch or deck with few to no stairs can be erected, making gatherings easy and gardening possibilities practically unlimited. Because of their cool, naturally gloomy ambiance, basements on a flat site make excellent theaters and gyms. Flat lots provide a multitude of construction alternatives.

What are the characteristics?

Homes built on a normal lot include egress windows in the lower level basement and foundation walls that are below ground. Another significant advantage of constructing on a standard lot is that your backyard deck may be constructed just above the ground. This eliminates the need for steps and can improve access to and enjoyment of your property. Another thing to consider is that if you desire a dark man cave or cinema room in your basement, the lower illumination downstairs may actually be preferred by certain individuals. Two-story homes are commonly built on standard lots since they have a lower horizontal footprint, although any home can be built on standard lots.

How common are they?

Standard lot basements are pretty common, especially for two-story homes. You will find a standard basement over daylight or walk-out options. Many unfinished basements in homes are flat lot basements.

How much do they cost?

This option is less expensive than walk-out and daylight basements and provides excellent storm protection. However, the cost can vary if you have an unfinished standard lot that you need to finish. Luckily for you, you do not have to look far to find the perfect time to help you get your dream finished basement. Valor Home Services has a skilled team of experts ready to help. For more information, give us a call today.