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Successful Remodels Follow These Steps…

It’s that time of year again! Remodels are often easier to do in the summer, because you have the big, beautiful outdoors to entertain you and your family when parts of your home are getting work done. So, here we are, in full swing of remodeling season.

For O’Fallon-area households thinking about a remodel in coming months, there are some steps you can take to guarantee your project’s success. Just like our brand promises for better communication, exceptional craftsmanship, and on-budget project completion, we can promise that taking these steps will make your remodel go much easier.

It can be tempting to skip to the exciting stages of a remodel, like choosing paint colors and fixtures. To ensure your remodel is a success instead of a stress, however, take these steps first:

1. Know your goal

Before you even start your project, know what your end-goal for the remodel is. Is it a renovation before you sell the house? Are you updating your home to age in place? Your plan can only get specific after you clearly outline your goal.

2. Determine your budget

Just as important as your goal is the project’s budget. And that budget has to include a contingency—you can plan on it costing a certain dollar amount as long as you have 15% extra available to you for the “just in case” stuff. Many issues you’ll run up against are unpredictable, because your contractor won’t see something like a structural problem until they find them deep into your remodel.

3. Pack up and protect your kids and pets

Declutter any space that will be part of or in the path of the remodel. And remember, any space undergoing a remodel is a hazard for children and pets. Get the safety gates, electrical covers, and other baby-proofing safeguards in place before you start your project.

4. Anticipate and plan for outages

You might have to shut off the water at the main valve at some point, depending on what kind of remodel you’re doing and whether individual areas of your home have shut-off values. Work with your contractor to plan ahead—they can tell you exactly when water will be cut off, and for how long, and you can get jugs of water into the fridge and set aside.

A final tip is to plan what spaces you and your family will have to relax in. You will need to map out where you can hang out (without work being done nearby). Set that space up with some extra lounging furniture or other amenities to temporarily keep everyone comfortable for extended periods of time.

And, of course, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Valor Home Services if you have questions. We’re your remodeler and flooring specialist nearby, ready to serve you at any time.