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The 3 Handyman Jobs You Never Think Of (But Should)

Handyman and home maintenance work around your Shiloh, Belleville or surrounding area home will make a huge difference for you and your family spending more time at home.

That probably hadn’t occurred to you, right? There are dozens of other things on your mind. Who’s thinking about handyman help?

We’ll point out, though, that it’s those very fixes that can bring the biggest reward with improved comfort and safety in your home right now. And most of the projects that bring the biggest return for our happiness are those that we never think of until we see them and remember that “one thing” that just hasn’t been fixed.

For example, that “one thing” for you might be that leaky faucet in the downstairs bathroom (that you never think of until you go down there). Or maybe it’s that window that won’t open. Or maybe it’s that blemish on your floor under table that you only see when you pull chairs out to sweep.

Some routine home maintenance just gets missed in the daily grind. Valor Home Services is still at work, however, serving O’Fallon, Edwardsville and surrounding towns with even more compassion in this time of need.

You deserve to be comfortable in your home. That simple. So, here are three handyman jobs that you never think of but that you SHOULD be thinking about now during lockdowns and social distancing.

1. Get the gunk out of the gutters

This is always a good idea, but especially in the spring. There will be leaves and other debris in your gutters that fell last autumn before the first snow came. Your gutters won’t do their job during all these spring showers if they’re filled with gunk.

A handyman professional will remove the gunk and then flush your gutters to ensure they’re spouting how (and where) they should. A handyman will also be equipped to repair any damage found during cleaning.

2. Get that fencing fixed

This is one of those things you absolutely, never, ever think of until you’re outside trying to enjoy a cold one or host a cook-out. If you plan on sitting in your yard or on your deck this spring and summer, any damage visible along your fence will drive you nuts (and leave you embarrassed when guests come over).

A specialist or qualified handyman can evaluate the damage, help you make the best decisions to fix it, and then get it done.

3. Install smart home devices

Welcome to the 21st century! Smart home devices are remarkably easy to integrate and operate, but getting your home ready to support them can involve some wiring work you’ll need to hire a professional for. For smart cameras, thermostats, speakers, doorbells, window blinds, appliances, TVs and the rest, find a local handyman who can get it all taken care of for you.

Seriously, though, imagine what these installations can do for your entertainment and comfort at home right now!

These three jobs are just the tip of the iceberg. Anything that can get fixed, added or updated in your home right now will make your life easier, more comfortable, cleaner, and just plain more enjoyable. Schedule a consultation with us right here on the website to get started.