The 7 Best Windows for My Bathroom

Picture this — you are in the process of designing your bathroom remodel. You picked out the fixtures, wall colors, flooring, vanity, shower/bath, toilet and decorations. But you forgot about one thing — the windows. A bathroom remodel is not complete without the best windows. To finish up your designing process, check out these windows we’ve rounded up below.

Picture Windows

Want a window that works as more of a lighting source and decorative element? Then, you need to check out picture windows today. These windows do not open but do allow ample amounts of light in. You can also get them in many different designs to add more personality to your bathroom.

Skylight Windows

If you want more sunshine in your bathroom but in an area where people cannot peak through, then you need to consider a skylight window. A skylight window is a window on your ceiling that allows light to come overhead. Typically, skylight windows are small to medium-sized. They work great if your bathroom is close to the exterior or side of your home.


You may be familiar with shutter windows, especially if you have an older home. These vintage-style windows allow for swift privacy with one movement. They also elevate your bathroom by adding elegance and charm.

Textured Glass/Glass Block

Enjoy optimal light while having the utmost privacy in your restroom with textured glass or glass block windows. Textured glass and glass blocks have heavy textures or high opacity, which obscures the view and has no effect on light.

Crank Windows

One of the most energy-efficient windows you can choose in your bathroom is crank windows. Crank windows open and closes with a hand crank. You can get them in two styles — casement and awning. Casement crank windows open from the outside like a shutter and allow rain and snow inside. Awning crank windows open from the bottom, keeping out snow and rain. Crank windows come equipped with weatherstripping, which creates an airtight lock when you close the window. This allows there to be almost zero energy loss. However, they do run on the pricier end.

Slider Windows

Not as efficient as crank windows, slider windows are a great option if you are looking for natural ventilation. These windows are also more cost-efficient. However, they heavily depend on weatherstripping to protect them from outside elements. As a warning, slider windows are prone to freezing if you do not add upgrades like ETI foam to prevent ice from building up.

Hopper Windows

If you enjoy steamy showers or baths and need optimal ventilation, then you need to check out hopper windows. Hopper windows open downwards, which help naturally remove excess moisture and humidity. However, they allow rain and snow in, so make sure to close them properly after each use. Hopper windows are installed higher on the wall compared to many of the other windows on our list.

Which one of these best windows do you want to install in your bathroom? Once you pick the ones you like, call our team of skilled experts at Valor Home Services to help you add them in. If you need help finding the right windows, check out Pella. We have a partnership with them and can even offer you exclusive discounts. For more information, don’t hesitate to call us.