The Best Cleaning Solutions for Your Laminate

Laminate flooring can have a bad reputation when it comes to cleaning. Many people have preconceived notions that it is too difficult to maintain. We want to set the record straight. Check out these best cleaning solutions for your laminate floors.

How do you clean laminate?

Cleaning laminate flooring is not as tedious or difficult as many of the other flooring types. Instead, all you need is a broom, vacuum, spot cleaning treatments, soap and a little bit of water to get the job done. When cleaning laminate flooring, you will want to establish a weekly routine where you sweep, vacuum and remove dirt spots or marks. Any brooms or vacuums you use need soft-bristle brushes, so you do not scratch the floors.

If there are any spills, you will want to blot them with a microfiber cloth. Wax or gum should not be picked off. Instead, you will want to freeze the area with an ice pack and then gently scrape it off. Then, use your microfiber cloth to pick up any residue. Oily or colored spots from lipstick or markers can be cleaned with a splash of nail polish remover.

When should you deep clean?

You should deep clean your laminate floors monthly or bi-monthly. If you keep up with a weekly routine, your deep clean will go by more smoothly. When deep cleaning these types of floors, we recommend using water as sparingly as possible. Standing water can cause your laminate floors to bubble or contract. Instead, we recommend using laminate-specific cleaning solutions.

What the best commercial products?

So what are some good laminate commercial cleaning products?

Each one of these products has different instructions. Make sure to read all directions before using. If none of these products work, give us a call today. We can provide you with more options, or our skilled team of experts can evaluate and clean the area.

How do you protect laminate flooring?

Once your floors are clean, you will want to continue to protect them. Unlike hardwood floors, laminate boards cannot be refinished. Instead, you have to take extra care. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Do not buff or polish
  • Do not use harsh or acidic cleaners because they will remove the protective coating
  • Do not slide heavy furniture or objects
  • Place felt pads under the furniture to protect from scratching
  • Place entry mats to protect for dirt and oils
  • Take off shoes right when you enter the house

Trust us, cleaning laminate floors is a piece of cake. Test out one of the commercial cleaning products we listed above, and let us know how they worked. If you need help installing or repairing laminate flooring throughout your home, call Valor Home Services today. We are your local flooring experts with over 20 years of experience.