The Best Lighting for Each Room

If you are in the process of remodeling your home or even specific rooms of your house, you cannot forget an important part — the lighting. In this guide, we go over the best lighting for each room.

Living Room

Since your living room serves multiple functions, we recommend having a variety of light choices in this room. First off, it is always great to have large windows that let in as much natural lighting as possible. Track lighting and pendant lighting are great choices for your living room as well. Track lighting provides ambient, task and accent lighting and is adjustable. Pendant lighting is optimal if you have a TV because they don’t leave glares.


Just like your living room, you will want multiple light choices in your kitchen. First, you will want an ambient light choice like a ceiling fixture. Then, you will want to install task lighting around work stations, in closets and under overhead cabinets. Anywhere you see yourself prepping or cooking, make sure to add sufficient lighting. After that, you can add accent lighting to focus on specific features in your kitchen.

Dining Room

For the room where you dine and socialize, you need overall good ambient lighting. Ceiling fixtures that include dimming features work very well in this room. If you want to take it to the next level, we recommend adding a chandelier.


Your bedroom is the place where you can unwind and relax. Therefore, you need lighting to match. Overall, you will want a ceiling fixture and windows to provide ambient lighting. Then, you will want to add side table lamps and floor lamps to provide light for reading, knitting or any other hobbies you like to do.


As the place where you groom yourself and get ready, you want to make sure the lighting is just right. Many older bathrooms will have one overhead light and a light over the mirror. But, you want to be able to see yourself properly. That is why we recommend wall scones — two on either side of the mirror and one on the wall across. Plus, you can never go wrong with natural lighting. We even have a guide going over the seven best windows for your bathroom.


As you know, your basement has very limited or no natural lighting. That is why the lighting you go with is extremely important in this area. Your basement will need general or ambient lighting to light up the entire space. Chandeliers, pendant lighting, track lighting or wall scones are perfect examples of lighting that works best for your basement. If you use this room for special hobbies, then we recommend adding task lighting to these areas.

While Valor Home Services is not an electrician company, there are other ways we can help you create your dream home. For example, we can help you choose all the fixtures for your home. We can help you with the actual renovation. We can even help refer you out to an electrician. To get help on any of these features, give us a call today.