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The Best Painting Projects While Everyone Is Home

If you’re spending more time at home these days in the O’Fallon or surrounding area, you’re not alone. From Belleville and Shiloh to St. Louis and around the country, we’re all in this together.

One of the big questions is “what can I do with my time?” You can still do home projects, that’s for sure. In fact, by investing now in some of the easiest (and less disruptive) home projects, you can make that time at home more comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Why not keep busy with the home projects that make your family feel good?

One of the projects you might have had on your “honey-do” list was painting one or more room in your house. This can be a big undertaking, however, and sometimes disruptive. If everyone is cooped up at home, what are some of the painting projects you can still do that don’t require eating out or leaving the house for hours at a time?

This week, that’s exactly what I’m going to answer.

Ease into the finer details

Key details in a room can totally change a space. For example, even if you can’t rope the family room off for a day while the walls are painted (since everyone is home), you can still paint the molding, banisters or baseboards.

These wood details often get overlooked, but just as often are scuffed or chipped. On banisters, you’ll see the paint totally worn away.

You can easily freshen up a space or add some flair with refreshed or new paint on these details. And it doesn’t even require to rope a space off as “no access,” just a little care not to touch the wet paint, and no one is that terribly inconvenienced.

Paint your cabinets

In the bathroom or the kitchen, with just a bit of paint your whole space can be given new life. Color makes a big difference in the look and feel of a room and can help a space feel more welcoming. That sounds just like what the doctor ordered right now.

You can even play with this project and try something more dramatic like painting the cabinets two tones. Let a little flair out, and you can add visual interest to the spaces your family shares.

Painting these wood details can beg some help, and we are still serving to ensure families nearby stay comfortable and safe. Schedule an appointment with us right here on the website.