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The Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet Flooring

A carpet installation is about more than picking the out carpet. It’s about more than the install, too. In order to enjoy carpet flooring as long as possible, an installation must include a final consultation on how to care for your carpet, including what’s required to keep your manufacturer warranty.

One of the fundamental elements of caring for your carpet comes down to the vacuum you use. When you stop to think about it, this makes perfect sense, even if you never thought before about the “right” vacuum to use for carpet flooring.

At Valor Home Services, we believe this kind of consultation is a “must-have” in any carpet installation. O’Fallon, Belleville, Shiloh and surrounding area neighbors who have worked with us will know that. As for anyone who’s just now stumbling on our articles, don’t hesitate to reach out you’re your questions.

Is there a “best” robot vacuum for carpet?

Sometimes, it seems like we live in the era of the Jetsons. The future has arrived. It might not be Rosie the Robot vacuuming our floors yet, but with the small, robotic vacuums that have gone wild on the market the last 20 years, you now have options for discrete and totally independent cleaning machines. Today’s robot vacuums can even clean the floors while you’re not at home.

Some of the basic features that homeowners look for in a robot vacuum include low-sound emissions, size, and capacity. But how do you choose the right one for your flooring?

This week, we’ll be talking about robot vacuums for carpet. You can look for a few key features in your vacuum robot to make sure you get the most bang (or suction) for your Jetson-era buck.

  1. Size matters
  2. When it comes to the size of your robot vacuum, it has to be small enough to maneuver in your space. If you’re mostly cleaning carpet in 12-by-12 bedrooms, for example, it should be a smaller unit. That said, it has to be the biggest vacuum that CAN still maneuver in your carpeted spaces. This is because of the sheer volume of stuff your carpet has lurking between the fibers. Pounds of skin, dust and dirt settle into your carpets each year. Your robot vacuum needs to have enough capacity for its carpet cleaning (and everything it will suck up).Double brushes
  3. Vacuums that feature double brushes are best for carpeting. Another plus is that most of these more versatile vacuums are also better at transitioning from carpeting to other flooring, including “switching gears” with the unit’s suction levels according to the flooring type.If you have pets…

If you do have pets at home, your robot vacuum should come with pet hair attachments and roller brushes that are specifically designed for that stubborn pet fur.

Finding the best robot vacuum for your new carpet is like the cherry on top with your install. Know that keeping your carpets looking and feeling fresh can now be done on and on auto-pilot, and revel in the many choices the market has to offer.

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