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The Carpet I Recommend Just Got Cooler…

It’s no surprise for Valor clients in O’Fallon, Belleville, Shiloh and surrounding areas that we recommend and install Mohawk carpeting. The quality craftsmanship is up to our own Valor standard, and their product book has something for every family and household.

Incredibly, however, Mohawk products just got even cooler. And if you have any plans to install carpet flooring this year, this news is something you should know about.

What’s new with Mohawk carpet?

The International Surface Event (or TISE) is underway right now this year in Las Vegas. And Mohawk just put out a press release that at the event, they’re showcasing their new efforts toward global sustainability.

That’s a major buzzword these days, isn’t it? “Sustainability.” What does that mean for Mohawk and, ultimately, for your carpets? That question and others have been answered at TISE this year, including Mohawk’s changes to manufacturing processes, product design, and company strategies.

And now, here I am to translate that into what it means for the quality of Mohawk products you install in your home.

Some “did you know” facts that I bet you didn’t know…

Mohawk is already the largest recycler of plastic bottles in North America. How about that? And to tie that into their new, more aggressive sustainability commitments, they’ve also said that now they’ll be supporting The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit located in the Netherlands working on technologies to remove plastic from the oceans.

Now, what does Mohawk do with all that plastic?

The EverStrand Mohawk polyester is a premium PET fiber made with up to 100% recycled materials. The truly amazing manufacturing process they use to do this is called Continuum, and is one of the most innovative manufacturing processes in the world.

On average, EverStrand carpeting represents 63 reclaimed plastic bottles per square yard. In 2019, Mohawk recycled 6.6 billion plastic bottles.

Mohawk’s Air.o carpeting for added sustainability

On top of the EverStrand recycling efforts, Mohawk also offers their sustainable Air.o products for hypoallergenic and VOC-free homes. It’s the only 100% recyclable soft flooring on the market.

For Mohawk products to make a difference, though, it’s our responsibility here at Valor to keep families informed so they can make the best choice for their families today, and for the future of those families. That’s what I’m here for, so, if you do have questions or want to take a look at some of these products yourself, get right in touch and set up a consultation today.