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The Common Misconceptions of Laminate

While laminate flooring has not been around as long as carpet, hardwood or ceramic tile, some people still give it a bad rep. And even though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, we want to set the record straight. In this guide, we debunk the common misconceptions that you may have about laminate flooring.

Not Durable

One of the biggest misconceptions we hear from people is that laminate flooring is not durable. Luckily, we know the truth, and just as a heads up, it can withstand a lot. Laminate flooring consists of four layers. Each layer has a specific purpose to help protect the planks. For example, the top layer consists of a protective coating to prevent scratches, scuffs and stains. You can even place this flooring in high traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. But, it is important to note that you want to avoid large puddles or flooding on this floor. Too much moisture can cause it to swell and warp.

Cheap Looking

In its early days, laminate flooring was the cheaper flooring option out on the market. And since it was very affordable, its appearance was lower quality compared to its counterparts like hardwood. However, many years have passed since its origin, and technology has caught up. Now, there are a ton of styles, designs, textures and colors that you can find in laminate. Plus, if there is a specific wood grain that you want to emulate, you can contact a laminate manufacturer to create a customized floor for you. Still, need more convincing? Don’t worry — we can bring you laminate samples to your home so you can see them in person for yourself.

Difficult to Clean

Many people have a perceived notion that laminate is difficult to clean. And, while we do not recommend using water to clean these floors, there are many other easy ways to keep them spotless. Since laminate flooring is tightly installed with no seams insight, debris will not get caught in this flooring. So, all you need to do to keep it in tip-top shape is to dust mop, sweep and vacuum daily. For stains or scuffs, you can use a damp cloth to wipe the areas up. However, make sure that the area is dry after you use the wet wipe.

Cannot be Fixed

Whoever came up with the misconception that laminate flooring is unrepairable, obviously did not try to fix it. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to fix damaged floors, but when the damage is minor or in a small section, you can easily get it fixed. Laminate flooring comes in planks or boards. Installers cut these boards to create the right sizing in your home or to create specific designs. So whenever a small section of your laminate damages, you can easily cut the section out and cut out new planks to easily fit back in. Like a puzzle! So remember to either keep your leftover pieces or purchase one extra box, in case your floors ever come across any damage.

Hard to Install

Contrary to popular belief, laminate flooring is one of the easiest types to install. In fact, many DIY homeowners stick to laminate flooring because of how easy its installation method is. The installation method that laminate has is the click into place method. It also uses an easy glue adhesive to keep everything together. Plus, you do not even have to use glue on every piece to keep it in place. And since laminate floors are so easy to install, you can get it all done in just one weekend!

Do not let these common misconceptions about laminate flooring deter you from trying it out in your home. Many amazing benefits come from this type of flooring that you will love. Do you live in Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville or the surrounding areas and want new laminate floors? Then, look no further than Valor Home Services. We have a wide selection of laminate options for you to choose from, and we have a team of installation experts ready to take on any project no matter the size or the complexity. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today.