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The History of Luxury Vinyl

As the second youngest flooring type, we cannot forget about the history of luxury vinyl. We have already gone over hardwoodcarpetceramic tile and laminate. Check out those if you would like to know more. Now it is time to dive into the interesting history of luxury vinyl.

The Early Years

Vinyl flooring is a resilient flooring type meaning that it can withstand different conditions or situations. Resilient flooring started in 1845 with the invention of linoleum flooring. Within the next century, flooring experts played around with different objects like rubber corking to find the best resilient floor. In 1872, chemist Eugen Baumann created the first instance of vinyl. However, it was not until the 1930s when vinyl flooring became available on the market.


Did you know that the vinyl substance found in vinyl flooring was accidentally discovered in 1926? A researcher in Ohio was trying to develop an adhesive to bond rubber to metal. The end product created a rigid-less PVC that Eugen Baumann could not achieve. Before being used in flooring, many companies used this PVC in pipes and other construction pieces. However, in 1933, vinyl flooring finally made its debut at the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago.

From the ’30s until after World War II, vinyl flooring was rare to come by. With construction and petroleum production focused on the war, manufacturers were not able to make this flooring. But when the 50’s hit and military personnel made their way back to the United States, vinyl flooring for new homes skyrocketed.


By the 1960s, technology advanced to the point where vinyl flooring had a no-wax finish making the design more popular in homes, businesses, schools and institutions. Plus, cushioned vinyl also emerged, making it more comfortable to walk on. Vinyl styles also improved where homeowners could purchase flooring that imitated Parquet floors, Roman tiles and Spanish tiles.


The 1970s introduced the first vinyl flooring plank, which gave homeowners the option to have trendy hardwood-inspired floors in areas like the bathroom, utility room and kitchen without the heavy maintenance that comes with real wood floors. Technology continued to advance in this decade, where you could find more colors, textures and styles of vinyl flooring.

Modern Vinyl

Today’s luxury vinyl has all the features that homeowners loved from original vinyl flooring with new safety enhancements as well. New vinyl planking is asbestos-free and made from four fused layers. Modern vinyl floors are cost-effective, waterproof, durable, versatile and timeless. If you have a specific look you are going for but want to stay on a budget, luxury vinyl is for you.

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