The Top 2022 Home Improvement Trends

Are you thinking of updating or upgrading specific parts of your home this year? Then, you need to check out these top 2022 home improvement trends that designers and other homeowners are trying out.

Upgraded Home Offices

People are still at home working and going to school. And they need a suitable area to get all that work done — a home office. At the beginning of the pandemic, individuals were good with a makeshift work area, but now two years in, they want something a little more permanent. Upgraded home offices will have a desk area, seating area, storage options and technology (internet, wifi, fax, phone, printer, etc.) As a reminder, if your company does not provide you with these supplies, make sure to include them in your taxes.

More Outdoor Spaces

Since fewer people are going out to have fun, they are looking for ways to enjoy the great outdoors in the comfort of their homes. The way they do this is by creating more outdoor spaces. Outdoor spaces are not only the perfect way to get sunshine but to hold small gatherings. Common outdoor ideas include:


Sustainability is not going anywhere, ever. With more people self-aware of our planet, the more they want eco-friendly features in the place they dwell. You can take sustainable efforts in your home in many different forms. For example, you can switch to eco-friendly appliances and lighting, use organic and vegan toiletry products and linens, rely on natural lighting, install sustainable flooring options and more.

More Ways to Connect to Nature

Designers and homeowners are obsessed with natural elements in a house. You will see this trend in flooring, paint colors, cabinet styles and designs, more windows and even bringing plats inside.

Improved Safety Features

Safety is number for many homeowners, especially if they have children or the elderly living with them. That’s why people are adding improved safety features to their homes. These safety additions include:

  • Updated fire detectors
  • Updated carbon monoxide detectors
  • Security cameras and alarms
  • Automatic locks

Storm preparedness is also seeing an increase in safety features. Homeowners are adding generators, waterproof and floodproof windows and floors, sea wall barriers and more.

More Technology

When there are advancements in technology, people are going to want them. And that includes their homes. You will see this technology go from start to finish in the home improvement world. Here are a few ways people are bringing more technology into their houses:

Spa-Like Bathrooms

People want a place to unwind or peacefully get ready for the day. That place is a spa-like bathroom. These types of bathrooms include luxurious fixtures, open spaces, tranquil lighting and updated appliances and vanities. Valor Home Services are the experts in spa-like bathroom remodels. Our experts know the ins and outs of getting one. We can even help you with many of these other 2022 home improvement trends. For more information, call us today.