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Three Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tips for Pet Owners

Some combinations just work…milk and cereal, popcorn and movies—you get the picture! But two things that usually have a hard time fitting together are gorgeous hardwood floors and your beloved pet’s paws. Claw-marks, shedded hair and dirt and grime from outside are just a few of the added perks of a faithful furry companion. Thankfully, these hardwood floor refinishing hacks will help them live in perfect harmony.

  1. Set yourself up for success:

There are literally hundreds of hardwood flooring options to consider. But it still is considered a “best practice” to select a higher quality wood that can be refinished more than once. This often means choosing solid woods over engineered woods. Although engineered woods are known for durability, they can start to look grungy for pet owners as the scratches pile on…and, in the end, they can only be refinished twice on average. Family members also contribute a great deal of wear-and-tear, and one way or another your hardwood floors need to be able to keep up! Stronger grain wood provides better hiding for nicks and scratches, too.

  1. 2. Stay on the lighter side

Although deep and rich wood colors are gorgeous complements to any space, a lighter stain on stronger grain wood is sure to hide whatever life has to throw at it. All woods will scratch with time, but darker flooring tends to showcase the dings due to the higher contrast between the stain and wood.

Another benefit to lighter flooring is its ability to hide dirt and dust more easily. Try as we might to sweep and mop as often as possible, your pets will be traveling inside and outside of the home and tracking in whatever they decide to walk through that day! Lighter hardwood floor finishes are the perfect helper to hide the seemingly endless amount of stray hair that you can never seem to completely vacuum up, too.

  1. 3. The big finish

After selecting your wood and grain, it’s time to pick a finish. Hardwood floor refinishing options include satin, matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss. Satin and matte are your best options as pet owners, as they hide the scratches and nicks the best. Although gloss can seem to complete a room, always remember that the glossier the finish the more light will reflect off it, showing all that your floors have been through.


It is possible for hardwood floors and household pets to get along as long as you have the right planning and strategy. To help out your hardwood finishes, add protective matts or area rugs in high-traffic areas and by doors leading outside. Your pet’s food location can be another source of woe, as spilled food and water can stain and warp the wood over time.

Although hardwood floors are not immune to our furry friends, it is still a great option for pet owners over other flooring such as carpeting. Carpets can stain and rip, and will need to be replaced. With a solid hardwood floor, you can refinish and stain, prolonging your floors life and adding the happily ever after to your pet and flooring saga. And Valor Home Services, your Shiloh, O’Fallon and Belleville, IL hardwood refinishing expert, is always a call away to install or refinish the floor you now know you can safely maintain!