Tips on House Hunting

It’s National Moving Month, and we know that some people are ready to move homes or find their forever home. While looking for properties may be fun and exciting, there are a lot of factors that come with it. We want you to have as easy as a time as possible. That is why we laid out these tips on house hunting.

Top Mistakes

We have all heard all the horror stories from people trying to find a house. That is why we have a list of the top mistakes you need to avoid:

  • Not saving money
  • Not checking your credit score
  • Going over your budget
  • Not working with a real estate professional
  • Skipping the mortgage pre-approval
  • Having too high or too low expectations
  • Not having a wishlist

Luckily in this guide, we will give you some of our top pieces of advice so you can have an easier time finding your next home.

Best Places to Search

Searching for a home can be tricky, especially if you do not know where to look. Here is a list of the best places to search for properties:

  • Realtor
  • Zillow
  • HAR
  • Trulia
  • Homesfinder

Your realtor can also give you a more detailed list of websites to check out as well.

Mortgage Pre-Approval

Houses are expensive, and most homeowners do not buy properties in full. Instead, people get mortgages to help payout the home over time (typically ten, fifteen or thirty years). Before getting a mortgage, you will need to get a pre-approval. A mortgage pre-approval is when a lender reviews your financial background to see your qualifications. Getting a pre-approval letter helps lenders’ determine if there are any issues (low credit score, too much debt, etc.) and gives you a limit of what houses you can afford. Plus, sellers are more likely to sell if you have a pre-approval.

Identify Your House Wants & Needs

We all have a list of our dream homes. Some people want large islands, while others may want swimming pools. Before you start your house hunting journey, you should identify your house wants and needs. On the list, you should write out everything the house needs that fits you, your family and your lifestyle. For example, if you are wheelchair-bound, you will want a house that has ramps, no stairs and wide-enough doorways. After you make your list of needs, it is time to name out all your wants. Do you want a large bathtub? Do you want a walk-in closet? Having a list of everything you need and want will help you and your realtor narrow down your potential house list.

Interview Real Estate Agents

A common misconception people have about finding a new house is that they can do it on their own. While you can search online for homes, you cannot see them without having a real estate agent accompanying you. Plus, many of the houses you will want to visit may have different agents. Making appointments with multiple agents can be confusing and time-consuming. That is why you need to have one realtor who will do it all for you.

About 87% of homeowners work with a real estate agent. When house hunting, we recommend interviewing a few real estate agents before settling for the right one. You want to find someone who is conscious and will make an effort for your wants and needs as well as get along with you. Your realtor should also be licensed in the state you are moving to and should be familiar with the area. You do not want to get stuck with a realtor that barely has any experience or does not know the city or town you are moving to. Also, extra points if your realtor has a list of companies who do home services like Valor Home Services.

Have Home Buying Checklist

Since you have your list of wants and needs ready to go, you cannot forget about taking it with you to every house you tour. Some property photos can be deceiving, so having that list is a good standard to follow. You should send that list to your agent; so they know what you are looking for. They may come up with additional options that never popped up for you online.

Check out Not Only the Property But the Neighborhood

Just because you found a property that matches all your criteria does not mean it is the perfect place for you. The neighborhood or community around the home also plays a huge part in it. The location determines the schools your children will attend, the length of your work commute, your local stores and restaurants, where you will socialize and the crime rate of the area. You want to live in a location that is safe and comfortable.

Follow this guide for easy-to-follow house hunting tips. If you have just bought a home or are planning on selling but need to do some repairs or remodeling, let Valor Home Services help! Book an appointment with us today.