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Tips You Need For Window A/C Units

It’s hot, and your window air conditioning units are mercifully installed. They’re hard at work and you’re a month into the routine of blasting them to keep your house from boiling over.

Needless to say, O’Fallon and Shiloh and neighboring residents are no strangers to blistering and stifling heat.

Even if you’re not a fan of living with a window unit, you sure can’t live without it. And whether your priority for the rest of the summer is staying cool or getting your best bang for your buck on efficiency, we’ve compiled a list of four tips for rockstar window A/C performance.

Let’s start with the basics…the two freebie tips that we’re pretty much obligated to remind everyone before we get into it:

• Make sure your units are all fully supported and level<

br>• Make sure your unit filters are cleaned AT LEAST once every three months

You’ve probably read (and if you haven’t, brace yourself) that failing to clean your filters will tack on an extra 5-15% in your bill every month. Cleaning your filters is the go-to recommendation in just about every article on window units because people frequently fail to keep up with this basic maintenance.

But let’s assume the best and say you have that one down. What else can you do for optimal window unit operation this summer?

1. On top of your quarterly filter cleaning, be sure to get your units serviced once a year. If you haven’t already had your window A/C serviced this summer, now is the time. This includes cleaning the unit’s coils and fins—and if you think that sounds easy, go for it. Otherwise, give a professional a call to make sure your unit is working right. The worst of the heat this summer still has yet to come.

2. Don’t forget to use fans inside your home in conjunction with the A/C units. This moves air around the house and keeps your temperatures consistent, ultimately keeping your bill down by taking some pressure of window units.

3. Make sure ALL gaps are filled around each unit. How snugly does each unit fit? Unless you never leave the house, there will always be cool air escaping. But don’t let that slow leak through the windows around your units to be a constant money suck all summer long.

4. Clean the water pan in the bottom of each window unit regularly. To prevent mold (and a nasty, musty odor), use warm water, dish detergent or white vinegar to clean the inside base of the unit any time you have the unit taken apart for maintenance and coil cleaning.

You’ve got this. Those windows A/C units will be your best friends in the coming months, so treat them right and you’ll enjoy the coolest home those boxes can bring.

Think any of this sounds a little complex? Or just don’t have the time? Remember that Valor Handyman services are at your beck and call to get this checked off your list before the dog days come rolling in. We serve O’Fallon and Shiloh along with surrounding areas.