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Top 10 Reasons Why Homeowners Want to Remodel Their Kitchens

One of the most common projects people request from us is kitchen remodeling. Many homeowners want a kitchen that they love and want to be in. However, some people do not know if they should update their kitchen or not. See if you need to by checking out these top ten reasons why homeowners want to remodel their kitchens. 

Improve Functionality & Eliminate Inconvenience

Just because you purchase a home does not mean you will like everything about it. For example, the kitchen is a sore spot for many homeowners. Therefore, to make their life easier they update it to improve the functionality and eliminate any inconvenience. A way that Valor Home Services help with this is by creating a design with you, our designer and our production team. From there, we build the perfect kitchen for you. 

Increase Home’s Value

A great way to increase your home’s value is to remodel the kitchen. Better Homes and Gardens says that you can expect about a 52% cost recovery when you update your kitchen. If you are looking for other ways to increase the value of your home, check out this guide

Add Sustainability

Sustainability is a very common reason why people remodel their kitchens. In this day of age, many people are trying to find different ways to save the environment. Updated dishwashers, flooring, windows, counters and more have features that can not only help the environment but are made from compostable or recyclable materials too. 

Suit Personal Tastes

Sometimes you purchase a home with a kitchen that is not your personality. Or sometimes your tastes change over the years. But one thing is for sure; you want a kitchen that suits your tastes. The best way to do so is with a kitchen remodel. Before making an appointment with a contractor, we recommend having a list of what you need and want as well as inspiration photos. From there, our team will sit down and design your dream space with you. 

Upgrade to Meet Your Family’s Needs

Many homeowners renovate their kitchens to accommodate their families. If you are raising children, then you may want a kitchen that is kid-friendly or has features that help with caring for them. Or, your children may have left the nest, and now you want a kitchen that works for entertaining. No matter what your family’s situation, you want a kitchen that works for what is happening in your life. 

Outdated or Damaged

Over the years, new features, appliances or items will come out or damages occur with consistent use. Either way, many homeowners update their kitchen because it is outdated or damaged. To enjoy this space, you will want to fully update it as well as fix any issues. 

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Add New Technology

Every year new technology comes up to help our lives become easier, especially in the kitchen. This technology comes in different appliances and electronics that you add to your kitchen. Here are some examples of new technology homeowners are adding to their kitchens:

  • Smart lighting
  • Digital appliances
  • Automated timers
  • Smart speakers

To see what you can add to your kitchen, give us a call today. 

Increase Energy & Water Savings

Energy and water savings is another top reason why homeowners update their kitchens. Older pipes, faucets, outlets, lights and more can cause your energy and water bills to rise. If you update these features and fixtures, you can see savings. For example, switching your old halogen lightbulbs to energy-efficient lightbulbs can save you about $75 per year. If you have an older home and need more ways to save money, check out this guide of energy-efficient tips

Add Storage

Your kitchen holds many things — cooking utensils, appliances, food, beverages and more. You need a place to put all these items. That is where storage comes into place. Storage options in a kitchen come in many forms like cabinets, shelves, containers, pantry, racks, hooks and more. Many older kitchens do not have enough of these features. Therefore, many homeowners update their kitchens to add more storage options for them to use. If you need even more ideas or help, check out these kitchen storage ideas or pantry organization tips

Try to Sell

One of the first rooms people will renovate or update to get ready for the housing market is the kitchen. Homebuyers are more inclined to buy a home that has an updated kitchen over one that does not. Plus, as we mentioned above, a kitchen remodel can increase the value of your home. Either way, updating this room is better in the housing industry. 

Did you fall under any of these ten reasons to update your kitchen? If so, then you need the top stress-free kitchen remodelers in your area — Valor Home Services. For more information, give our team a call today