The Top 2022 Kitchen Trends

We’ve gone over the 2022 bathroom trends, so now it is time to venture into the top 2022 kitchen trends. Keep reading to find out what is in style this year.

Bold Colors

Pops of bold colors are making their way into kitchens this year. For walls and backsplash, we are seeing more muted greens and dark colors. Then, for cabinets, we are seeing even bolder colors like pinks, reds and blues. If you do not want to go all out, you can add bold colors through your kitchen appliances, lighting or decorations.

Living Room Extensions

There’s no need to separate your kitchen and living rooms anymore because expanding your living room into your kitchen is in style now. Homeowners like this trend because it makes their home feel more homely and have more personality. You can achieve this look by blending in curved tables, cabinets and pendants.

Multiple Islands

This year homeowners are wanting more than just one big island. Instead, they are breaking them into two smaller islands. Many people use their islands for multiple purposes — working, food prep, crafting and eating. With two islands, you can enjoy separating what you need to get done.


Barstools are falling out of style, and now homeowners want a cozy place to hang out in their kitchens with banquettes. A banquette is a small seating area usually adjacent to your island or counter that has comfy seating. It’s almost like a small, cozy breakfast nook.

Open Shelves & Hidden Storage

The shelving and storage areas are definitely different compared to last year. People are now inching towards more open concepts for their shelving while finding unique ways to hide pantries.

Natural Materials

Homeowners and designers are still on the trend of bringing the outdoors inside, even in their kitchen. The type of natural materials you will see this year in kitchens include stone, marble, wood and cement. And if you cannot use these materials, earthy colors like greens and browns will also do the trick.

Which of these top 2022 kitchen trends do you want to try out? Luckily, you do not have to do it alone. Valor Home Services is the top stress-free kitchen remodeler in your area. Get your dream kitchen this year by calling us today.