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Top 3 Hardwood Refinishing Tips for Pet-Owners

What do hundreds of families around O’Fallon, Belleville, Shiloh, Edwardsville, Collinsville, Caseyville and Glen Carbon have in common?

This is not a joke and not a drill. One thing so many of us have in common…is that we are proud pet owners.

Hardwood floors and pets

Hardwood floors are popular for a reason—they’re beautiful. They do get worn down, though. When it’s time for you to get your wood floors refinished, if you have pets at home, there are proactive choices you can make to keep your floors looking beautiful for longer despite pet claws and hair.Here’s what we recommend at Valor:

  1. Avoid any glossy finishes
    Glossy finishes can look great, but pet owners should be warned that these will not stay glossy for long with pets at home. Choose a satin or matte finish to hide scratches better (while still looking great).
  2. Choose a lighter stainPet owners can also choose a lighter stain to help hide minor damage caused by pets. The added bonus is that a lighter stain also helps hide the dust, dirt and pet hairs that tend to accumulate.
  3. Keep your pets’ toenails groomed
    You can pay just a little more attention to your pets’ nails, too, if you really want to keep those wood floors looking great. Dogs are typically the repeat offenders on this one. Do you hear your dog’s claws tap dancing when you wave the leash? Then it’s time to trim those nails down.

Remember that putting mats in front of outdoor-facing doors will also help keep pets—and pet owners—from tracking in more dirt and sludge in the upcoming colder months.

Is it time to refinish your hardwood floors to be pet-friendly? You can schedule a consultation right here on our website.