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Top 5 Tile Patterns Emerging in Baths for the Year

Make sure you’re up to date on the year’s new bathroom tile looks, colors, and styles.

Tile trends for 2023 demonstrate how this timeless design element can be constantly reinvented to transform the look and feel of your house, from the bathroom to the kitchen and beyond. Tiles are some of the most colorful and flexible surface treatments, and they have been a staple in interiors for ages, evolving in shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and patterns (the list goes on and on). Tiles, which are beautiful, hardwearing and incredibly durable, are a terrific way to breathe trendy new life into the home. We consulted with professionals and gathered some of our favorite new looks for 2023 tile trends. Whether you prefer a classic Victorian floor tile or the polish of an artisan glazed design, these fascinating new trends include a wide range of shapes and finishes. 

Which one of these trends are you trying?


We’ve all seen how checkerboard has taken over the worlds of fashion and home design in recent years, and whether you like it or not, this iconic pattern will be around until 2023. A checkerboard tile pattern may lend a lovely, visual touch to a space, whether you choose a more classic black-and-white palette or a union of brilliant, modern colors. Checkerboard, which was formerly a subset of classic design, has now developed its own style, evolving into one of the trendiest surface and tile trends in bathrooms. We should also highlight that stripes are fashionable, and the two can be contrasted together for the ultimate look. Even though checkerboard is one of the most popular tile types, there is so much variety in terms of color, size and material that you can create a unique checkerboard tile design in your home.


Marble remains a fan favorite in the realm of bathroom tile trends that aren’t just limited to bathroom floor tile ideas, and it doesn’t appear to be fading in 2023. Marble is never a material that goes out of style. It’s one of those pieces that transcends trends and is a staple in so many homes. However, marble has had its moments in the spotlight, the most recent being the Deco fashion, which featured marble coupled with shining gold and rose gold. The 2023 Marbles moment will be all about drama. Less Carrara and more hypnotic colored stones, such as the jade green marble impression.

Printed Patterns

Instead of choosing bathroom wallpaper ideas, tile designers have become increasingly adept at incorporating patterns into your area. Tiles with unique floral motifs that look more like wallpaper are one of the major trends we’re seeing emerge this year, adding personality and excitement to a room that has traditionally been chilly and clinical. Using pattern-printed tiles in a shower enclosure is a cost-effective method to inject personality into your area, similar to establishing a feature wall in a bedroom or living room.

Natural Stone

From gorgeous onyx tiles to granite, limestone and marble in-house design, these natural materials can provide a sumptuous and dramatic aesthetic for tile ideas in the home, with these materials frequently being a popular choice for bathroom ideas and worktops. In 2022, we saw a rise in the popularity of spa bathrooms, which is expected to continue into 2023, with a focus on premium materials, beautiful design details, and creating a space that feels like your very personal wellness getaway. These materials are also excellent for achieving a relaxing, indoor-outdoor vibe and connection to the outside world, which is a prominent interior design trend for 2023. Marble and onyx are great for spa-like, luxury bathrooms, creating a genuinely sumptuous atmosphere. Of course, if you want the actual thing, these tiles aren’t inexpensive, but there are plenty of stone-effect tiles to select from.

Natural Colors

In interior design, we are continuously influenced by the natural world, from material to texture and color, and 2023 will see a selection of palettes that are at one with nature, assisting in the creation of a grounding, relaxing,and comfortable ambiance in the house. As life slows down and the world around us pauses to breathe and reflect, more and more of us enjoy recharging and relaxing at home. With this in mind, consider lush greens, deep moss tones, and the rich, rustic reds of autumnal leaves when selecting tiles. Green in all its forms is perfect for interior design projects because it is a peaceful, soothing color that works well in all areas. It is naturally serene and connected to nature, which is why choosing tiles from this color palette will last. Instead of using paint to bring color into your green kitchen or green bathroom ideas, why not use stunning tiles instead – or both!

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