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Top Tips For Carpet In Homes With Kids

We talk about homes in and around Shiloh, O’Fallon, Belleville, and all the other areas we serve. We talk about special considerations for flooring maintenance, too, given the climate and the season extremes we see here. There are still, however, certain “universal” things homeowners need to know when it comes to carpet flooring.

For instance, for any homeowner with kids at home, a big question we hear is: “how can carpet and kids be anything less than a tricky (and sticky) combination?”

Carpet is popular for a reason. It adds warmth and style to a room. It’s also safer than many other flooring types for kids to walk and crawl over. However, it’s also a magnet for all the sticky, sooty, dirty stuff that kids can spill and trek in.

This week, we’ll give you some simple tips to keep carpets in the best condition, even with kids in the equation.

1: Think proactively

Think ahead. Do your research before installing any new carpet, because your choice will ultimately make a difference in how resilient your carpet is to the kids. A professional recommendation of carpet type will change depending on what your kids’ activities are, too, so talk to your carpet specialist to help pick out the right product and color.

2: Set rules

Your kids will groan, but rules have to be set. To keep your carpet in its best condition, start with a “no shoes in the house” rule. Leaving mats at the entrance of every outside-facing door should also come with a “wipe your feet” rule—those mats aren’t just for décor.

3: Set the example

Kids will call you out on any perceived hypocrisy. If you say “no shoes,” be sure to follow that rule, yourself. After all, though kids might be better at picking dirt up, you’ll be just as liable to dirty or damage your carpet if you don’t play by the same rules.

4: Be ready for the inevitable accident

Accidents will happen. Being proactive and researching the best cleaning products for your carpet (according to the type of carpet you have) will save you heartache later when that inevitable accident does befall your carpet.

Keeping your carpets in their best condition is totally feasible, even with kids at home. For more tips, or for any questions, reach out to us right here on the website.