Top Traits We Are Looking for in Job Candidates

Are you wondering what top traits we are looking for in job candidates? Keep reading to find out.


Here’s a basic breakdown of the responsibilities every member on Team Valor has to do:

  • Ensure all projects are executed in compliance with Valor Home Services specs as well as regulatory code requirements
  • Coordinate tasks according to priorities and plans
  • Supervise and train workers and tradespeople
  • Guarantee all safety precautions and quality standards are met
  • Monitor expenditure and ensure it does not exceed budget
  • Consistently report progress to Project Managers

Depending on the position, there are additional responsibilities. Read our job descriptions on Indeed or contact us today for more information. 


Here are all the requirements that we look for:

  • Must have a valid Driver’s License and Insurance
  • Must have tools, work vehicle and good references
  • Must have experience in the remodeling or home repair trades
  • In-depth knowledge of construction procedures, equipment and safety guidelines
  • Ability to lift 50+ lbs.
  • Can complete projects within given time allotment We have both 1099 and W2 positions available


These are the traits we are looking for when hiring new team members:

  • Integrity: Speaks for itself
  • Team Spirit: Eagerness to sacrifice personal interest or glory for the team
  • Skill: A knowledge of and the ability to properly execute every detail with precision
  • Initiative: The ability to make decisions and think alone
  • Competitive Greatness: Be at your best when your best is needed
  • Confidence: Respect, without fear and confident not cocky, knowing you are prepared
  • Condition: Healthy mind and body
  • Self-Control: Emotions under control
  • Loyalty: To yourself and anyone that counts on you
  • Enthusiasm: Your heart must be in your work. Stimulate others
  • Effort: Controlled hustle
  • Patience: Greatness takes time

Do you fall under any of these categories? Then, you need to apply for one of our many open positions.