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Trending Paint Colors in 2020

2020 trending paint colors are all about pastels, greens, blues and creams. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love these shades. While you are thinking of painting your home, you can’t forget to check out the top colors of this year. For further explanation and examples, we’ve laid out the trending paint colors in 2020 from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams

Warm Creams

If you want to keep your home simple yet inviting, stick with warm creams. Walls that are cream not only give you a room with a blank canvas for limitless decor possibilities but also provide that extra level of warmth that people use to make any home inviting. Trending warm creams from Benjamin Moore are Golden Straw, White Heron, and Thunder while trending creams from Sherwin-Williams include Touch of Sand, Beige Intenso, and Likeable Sand.  


2020 has been the year all about pastels. From makeup to fashion and now paint colors, people can’t get enough of these pale colors. Just like warm creams, pastels help add warmth to any room. Plus, pastel colors add a little more personality to any room. Benjamin Moore’s pastel trending colors include First Light, Crystalline, and Windmill Wings. And Sherwin-Willams trending pastel colors include Breathless and Sandbank. 


Two colors many homeowners love are blue and grey. And, this year paint companies decided to combine the two by making blue-grey colors. Blue-grey painted walls are also easy to decorate because it falls under the category of a neutral color. This color combo is also known to evoke wellness because blue and grey are calming for the eyes to look at. And as we all know, anything calming is exactly what 2020 needs. Blue-grey colors that Benjamin Moore recommends are Buxton Blue and Oxford Grey while Sherwin-Williams suggests Sleepy Blue and Stardew. 

Dark Blue

We are not done yet with blue. Dark blue is also trending this year. With a new decade, homeowners are wanting to create bold, rich colored rooms that will make a statement every time you walk in. Dark colors like blue and green add an extra level of opulence and elegance to every room. Benjamin Moore recommends this dark blue color: Blue Danube. And, Sherwin-Williams suggests these dark blue colors: Naval, Endless Sea, and Oceanside.

Dark Green

Just like dark blue, many homeowners prefer dark greens because the color adds beauty and makes a statement every time you see it. Dark greens like avocado and forest green are created by blending a little bit of every color. It’s the perfect color if you have a variety of colorful decor pieces. The dark green color that Benjamin Moore recommends is Cushing Green while Sherwin-Williams suggests Pewter Green and Ripe Olive. 

2020 has been a crazy year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t control how your home looks. For all your painting and home service needs, call Valor Home Services to help you out in Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville, and the surrounding areas.