The Ultimate Guide to Remodeling Your Half Bath

There is no set size for a half-bathroom; however, it is typically 50 square feet (total room size, not just walkable floor space). It is usually only big enough to walk from the toilet to the sink: around 16 square feet. A full-service bathroom may include up to four amenities: a toilet, a sink, and one or two bathing facilities (shower, bathtub, shower/tub combination, or shower and tub). As a result, a half-bath provides half as many of these functions. 

Some people refer to it as a powder room or guest bathroom, but it is a half-bathroom as long as there are no bathing facilities. Smaller bathrooms will force you to be more inventive to achieve more with less space. Explore some of these half bath interior design techniques of the trade and discover how color, lighting, and mirrors can make a space appear larger. Consider your bathroom remodeling project to be a difficult puzzle that you may enjoy solving without breaking the budget.

Add Large Tiles

Half baths or powder rooms are small. They typically only have a toilet and a sink. It is also typically the bathroom that your guests will be using. With people over, you do not want the room to feel small. That is why you must find ways to make it look larger. And sometimes, all it takes is flooring or the backsplash, like large tiles. Large tiles in small bathrooms make them appear larger.

Keep it Light

Avoid dark and clashing colors in a tiny area, from wall paint to furniture. Stay with light colors—a monochromatic color scheme is best—to avoid feeling like you’re in a cave. Soft gray walls, for example, are currently highly trendy. If you want something a little more colorful, consider frosty blue, seafoam green, warm white, and butter yellow. All of these colors work nicely when combined with white trim and cabinetry to open up a small bathroom. 

You may avoid the strong contrasting hues that can make a small space appear even smaller by keeping to the lightest tones within a single color family for paint and furnishings. Matching your floor tile to the wall color is also a smart idea—this will make the room’s corners disappear, producing the illusion of greater space. However, avoid using any color on the ceiling; plain white is the best option.

Play With Colors

Keeping the walls and trim light doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice any color or flair. Valor Home Services suggests infusing color into the bathroom using the items you pick. Red towels and a matching soap dispenser will invigorate a tiny bathroom without overwhelming it. A patterned rug adds texture and color to the floor. If you get tired of the appearance of your bathroom, this color scheme makes updating simple: all you have to do is switch out your linens and accessories to create a whole different look and feel.

Add Simple Decor

Over-decorating your half-bathroom merely adds to the clutter. Keep additional objects to a minimum aside from the toilet and pedestal sink. Don’t be afraid to decorate the walls and add rugs. Everything adds up to create the overall vibe of the room. You can find all your decor needs online or in-store. We recommend shopping around to find the best items for your restroom. 

Create the Illusion of Height

Raising the bathroom ceiling visually will make the entire room appear larger, and it’s not a difficult illusion to pull off. To begin, replace massive crown molding with thinner crown molding painted to match the ceiling since heavy, dark crown molding would overwhelm a tiny space. You should also evaluate the lighting in the space. A hanging ceiling fixture emphasizes the smallness of space, so replace it with recessed lighting for a cleaner appearance. Do you require extras? Wall sconces that send light upward blur the boundary between the wall and the ceiling, making it appear as if the ceiling has receded.

Get Creative with the Sink & Faucet

The low profile of a trough sink, when positioned on a wall, frees up floor space for storage. You may also utilize a wall-mounted faucet, which reduces the depth of your vanity and frees up space in a compact bathroom. A corner sink is another space-saving sink option for a small bathroom. Be wary of pedestal sinks; they can be difficult to accommodate in small bathrooms.

Rethink Storage

There never seems to be enough room in the bathroom for everything you want to keep in there, so start by reducing what you keep there. Extras like spare towels, cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, and tissue boxes can be transferred to a neighboring hall or bedroom closet.

Next, take a look at your countertops. Limited counter space is always an issue in small restrooms. Often, you’re left with nowhere to put your cup of tea or curling iron. Choosing a bespoke countertop is one innovative way to gain space. Rather than placing the vanity next to the toilet, stretch a small ledge of countertop along the wall behind the toilet. This otherwise unused area is ideal for storing tissues or a variety of items.

Add Ventilation

While ventilation will not make a tiny bathroom feel larger, it will make it feel more comfortable. Valor Home Services encourages homeowners to build enough ventilation to avoid the excessive humidity that might harm paint and drywall for their own personal comfort and the protection of a freshly refurbished bathroom. Most bathroom ventilation fans are ceiling-mounted and suck hot, steamy air out via a duct to the exterior of the home, so they should be installed during the renovation process. To keep the ceiling appearing clean and uncluttered, choose a concealed ventilation fan. Because half-baths are often located near living spaces, they require a high-velocity fan. A fan is not required by building code if you have a 3-square-foot window to the outdoors. That window simply has to be partially open. Even if your half-bathroom fulfills these regulatory criteria, you should add a quality, high-velocity fan.

With these tips in tow, you will be able to create the perfect half bath in your home. However, you do not have to do it alone. Our team of bathroom remodelers at Valor Home Services is here to help! We can take your old, outdated powder room or master bathroom and turn it into a modern, luxurious restroom. If you are ready to get started, all you have to do is give us a call