4 Tips For Upgrading Your Deck

Upgrade your deck by following these tips. 

Many deck builders encourage customers to replace the worn-out wood flooring and railing on their existing decks. By using the existing deck’s structure, posts and footers, you can save some money. But, given that your deck was likely built before there were many deck-specific construction rules, there may be some difficulties. When you need a new deck, some deck builders could try to make some fast cash by selling you an upgrade. Since the township typically does not require permits for deck upgrades, we may work quickly without having to wait for inspectors or deal with cumbersome paperwork. So, it is crucial for you, the homeowner, to ensure that your deck builder is spending the time necessary to bring your deck framing up to code as well, rather than simply applying a new coat of paint to a frame that is rotting or crumbling.

Here are a few suggestions for improving your deck without replacing it.

Check the Hardware

When upgrading your deck, it’s important to check the hardware to make sure it’s in good shape. Make sure the bolts, screws and connectors are tightened properly, and that there are no signs of rust or corrosion. If they appear to be in bad shape, replace them as soon as possible to ensure the deck can hold its weight and won’t cause any accidents. Additionally, check the boards for any signs of wear and tear and replace any that are damaged. A good deck is only as reliable as its hardware, so make sure you take the time to make sure everything is in top condition.

Add Built-in Benches

Adding built-in benches to your deck is a great upgrade to consider. Not only do benches provide additional seating, but they also give your deck a more finished look and provide extra storage space. They can be built to fit any space, so you can make sure your deck has the perfect amount of seating. Plus, they can be built with a variety of materials and designs that will match any existing deck. And if you want to make your deck even more inviting, you can add cushions to your benches to make them even more comfortable. You can create a long bench along the perimeter of your deck as a type of alternative to a railing (but only on ground-level decks! ), or you can incorporate built-in benches into your table setup. For a lovely, rustic aesthetic, stain the bench or add seat cushions that are resistant to water. Like an inside window seat, storage space can also be added underneath. With built-in benches, your deck will be sure to be the envy of your neighbors.

Install Lattice Railings

Speaking of railings, if you choose to use them, consider building a lattice wall or adding lattice railings for a fancier appearance. Not only does this look great, but it also gives some seclusion if you have close neighbors without giving the impression of being caged in. Lattice railings come in many different shapes and materials, allowing you to choose a design that will best match your existing deck and landscaping. You can decorate it with stained wood, ivy or plants, or you can hang a wind chime from it. These railings can be used to hide unsightly items, such as air conditioners, while also providing an extra layer of safety and security. They are also easy to install and maintain, making them a great option for any homeowner.

Refresh the Wood Finish

If you’re looking to spruce up your deck, one easy and cost-effective way to do that is with a new wood finish. Your deck will look brand-new after being stained or re-stained, and the stain will also protect it from the elements. The stain is simple to apply, won’t peel, and can bring out the wood’s natural grain. With so many colors and varieties of wood stains and paint, you can find the perfect match for your outdoor living space. It’s important to make sure you’re using the right type of finish for your deck, as some finishes won’t last as long as others in certain climates. You should also make sure to use a sealer to protect the finish and keep it looking great for years to come. Upgrading your deck with a new wood finish is a great way to add some personality to your outdoor space and make it look new again.

These four deck upgrade ideas will take your outdoor space to the next level and make it a place you and your family can enjoy for years to come. But don’t worry if you don’t have the time or know-how to make all of these changes. Our skilled team at Valor Home Services can help you with all your deck updates, so you can enjoy your outdoor space in no time. Contact us today and let us help you make your outdoor dreams a reality.