Utility Room Makeover Ideas

Do you have a utility room that needs an update? Are you tired of how cramped and boring it is? Do you want to add more functional features to it? Then, keep scrolling to check out these utility room makeover ideas.


One of the first ways you can give your utility room a makeover is by painting it. Applying a fresh coat of paint will liven the area and make it feel new. There are many colors to choose from in a utility room, but many designers and homeowners go with bright, light or bold colors. We rarely see dark colors unless they are doing it as an accent.

Install Waterproof Flooring

Your utility room will most likely hold your washer and dryer, as well as a sink and a possible dog washing station. Anytime you have a room that has access to water, you have the possibility of flooding. Never worry about damaging your floors again due to water by installing waterproof flooring. Waterproof flooring is 100% waterproof as well as reusable. We have a variety of waterproof flooring options for you to pick from. Check out our latest product catalog to see what we have to offer.

Add Cabinets

Since this area is small, you want a place to store everything, especially your cleaning supplies. We recommend adding cabinets above your washer and dryer. The best place to find cabinets that work for your space is at your local home improvement store. We also recommend working with a contractor to help you measure, cut and install the cabinets to decrease your chances of mistakes.

Create Additional Storage Spaces

Sometimes cabinets are not enough to hold everything. That is why you need to get creative by adding even more storage spaces. You can add shelves, baskets, racks, closets or anything else that fits in the room. Check out Pinterest for more ideas or inspiration.

Install a Drying Rack

Skip the clothesline outside, and instead, install a drying rack into your utility room. This drying area can simply be a pole that you drill into your wall or even a folding rack that can easily store away when you are not using it.

Brighten the Area

In many houses, utility rooms are small spaces that do not have a lot of light. If you are lucky, you may have one small window in the room. But in most cases, there is not one. There are many ways you can brighten up a room. First, you can install windows or add new or more lighting fixtures. Another way to brighten the space is to paint the walls with a bright or light color. You can also liven up the area by painting dark and dreary cabinets and keep the doors off to give it an open feel.

Add Backsplash or Wallpaper

Give the space more personality by adding a backsplash or wallpaper. Just by adding one of these features, you will change the atmosphere of the area immediately. Wallpaper is a great choice if you have a specific design in mind, while backsplash is great if you want to add something simple that is also easy to clean.


Once you have all your improvement tasks done, it is time for the fun part — decorating. Pick a theme and go wild. There are many different places to find decorations for this room, like department stores, discount stores, thrift stores, garage sales and even online. Window shop around to find the perfect pieces for your utility room.

With these utility room makeover ideas in tow, you can create a space that is not only functional by looks great as well. Need help remodeling your utility room? Look no further than Valor Home Services. We can help you create a space that fits perfectly in your home. To book your stress-free remodel, contact us right away.