Valor’s Top 2022 Blogs

Calling all blog lovers! Valor Home Services just released their top blogs of 2022.

In one year, we produce about 156 blogs ranging from our services (bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, basement finishing, flooring, refinishing and small projects) to other general subjects (exterior and interior projects and hiring). Out of these 156 blogs, we narrowed it down to the top blogs you guys have been reading. Check out this breakdown based on each service.

Keep scrolling to get the list.


From eye-catching trends to helpful tips to find the right contractor and create a stress-free experience, here are our top bathroom blogs of the year.


From creative ideas to helpful tips to figuring out the cost, here are our top kitchen blogs of the year.


From the top reasons why homeowners would want to finish their basement to helpful tips for completing your basement project, here are our top basement blogs of the year.


From refinishing stain choices to helpful tips to the best flooring options, here are our top flooring blogs of the year.

Small Projects

From creating unique exterior and interior projects to helpful tips to finding the exterior, here are our top small projects blogs of the year.


From hiring tips to room ideas, here are our top general blogs of the year.

Which ones are your favorites? Don’t see your favorite blog? Or have a topic that you would love for us to explain more about? Let us know! We would love to hear your feedback. Contact our office team or fill out the form.