10 Stunning Walk-In Shower Ideas For Small Bathrooms

A walk-in shower can improve the functionality and luxury of your bathroom. Fortunately, you don’t need a lot of space to do it. These small bathroom walk in shower ideas show how to beautifully stretch a bathroom’s footprint while also enhancing its appearance.

It’s difficult to imagine constructing a walk-in shower in a small bathroom. When planning your arrangement, consider if you have enough space for both a tub and a shower, or whether you must choose between the two. Also, the design must provide a method for keeping water in a specific area so that the entire space does not become drenched—this is where partition walls come into play. Furthermore, certain color schemes can be difficult to pull off when adding a walk-in shower to a small bathroom design. That stylish black setup you’ve been fantasizing about can make your little area feel even smaller.

Fortunately, with a little planning, your bathroom redesign can include a magnificent shower. Prepare to be inventive with your floor plan, and consider how you may use glass, tile, hardware and other design components in novel ways. And don’t worry if you’re unsure where to begin – here are 10 walk-in shower ideas to get you started.

Which of these 10 tips are you trying?

Doorless Shower

To optimize space, go doorless with a completely open shower if privacy isn’t a problem. Removing the door makes a modest bathroom walk-in shower feel even larger. This shower is separated from the rest of the bathroom by a permanent glass panel. Cover the surfaces with tile to waterproof the shower stall, then put the showerhead and controls on the wall opposite the opening to limit splashing. You’ll be astonished at how liberating it is to stroll directly into the shower after a long day at work or a strenuous training session. Plus, you’ll have one less thing to squeegee.

Add a Window

Natural light is always appreciated in small spaces. Place your walk-in shower near a window or beneath a skylight to enjoy both sunlight and stars. The clerestory window and glass door in this walk-in shower allow natural light to flow in and out of the bathroom. Because of its positioning, the shower becomes a separate space that does not obstruct traffic flow or clutter up the small bathroom’s sight lines. Don’t have a window in your bathroom? No worries — talk to your designer and contractor to build a window in your bathroom. For window inspiration, we recommend checking out Pella Windows

Install Tile

Just because you don’t have a lot of space doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a high ceiling and tiles. Using clever tile patterns in a walk-in shower is a terrific technique to fool the eye and create additional visual space. Laying metro tiles in a vertical brick or block pattern along the shower wall can extend the space and make it appear larger. Small tiles do not have to be used in small rooms. Large-size tiles are ideal for minimalist homes since they require less grouting for a clean finish. Statement tiles, believe it or not, can work in little bathrooms. Bold patterns and colors, when utilized sparingly, work wonders by attracting the eye to essential sections of the room. A striking backsplash or shower wall, on the other hand, will make the rest of the room feel larger and allow you to get creative with your design.

Add a Rain Showerhead

When you’re showering, most showers have a stationary shower head mounted to the wall and angled at a 45-degree angle toward you. The water will not only fall on you, but it will also spray behind you. A walk-in shower is impossible if you only have room for a 3′ x 3′ or 4′ x 3′ shower. Water will pour onto the bathroom floor (which you do not want to clean). This issue can be rectified by using a rain showerhead instead of a stationary head. In comparison to an inclined wall-mounted unit, rain heads direct water straight down on your head and body. The problem with rain showers is that their water flow is sluggish. They don’t provide enough pressure to swiftly remove soap from your hair. When you are late for work in the morning, you must get in and out of the shower. Air injection and self-pressurizing technologies in rain heads have solved this problem.

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Stick With White

White is a timeless color in any part of the house, including the bathroom because they make a small area appear larger and airier. It will also produce a calm and soothing atmosphere in your bathroom. Many individuals desire elegant black decor in their bathrooms, yet black designs can make small bathrooms appear more crowded. Going all-white in your sanctuary will make it feel brighter and more spacious, as well as provide a soothing palette – exactly what you want in a location designed for recuperation and relaxation. A frameless glass panel keeps puddles out of the rest of the bathroom without interfering with the open and airy design.

Choose a Suitable Shower Pan

Shower trays come in a variety of forms and sizes, giving you plenty of options for designing your dream walk-in shower. Look for a rectangle shower pan rather than a large square shower pan when studying walk-in shower elements for your small bathroom design. This gives you the luxury of a walk-in shower without sacrificing surface area. Large square shower pans take up a lot of space, so getting a rectangle shower pan makes sense to make the most of the limited bathroom surface area. Furthermore, shower pans are customizable, allowing you to select elements such as drain placement to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. Choose a shower tray with a shallow pan as well. Trays with excessive depth constrict your shower area rather than keeping it open and expansive.

Add a Bench

Add a walk-in shower to increase the functionality and aesthetics of a tiny bathroom. A built-in bench inside the shower is an excellent functional decision. Furthermore, it allows you to create a fresh tile design, providing depth and visual intrigue. It can also be used to store toiletries or home decors such as plants or tiny (waterproof) sculptures. A shower bench is also needed for aging in place or have any family members with disabilities. 

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Plan for Storage

Vanity units and other storage furniture add unnecessary clutter to a room, making it appear more crowded. When it comes to a bathroom design low in square footage, maximizing storage space is essential. Make room within your walk-in shower for your toiletries so you don’t have to take up space under the sink or in the medicine cabinet. Consider built-in shelves or perhaps a tiled bench for storage that does not take up too much space. Planning ahead of time allows you to maintain the floor clear and avoid storage issues later on.

Get Strategic About the Layout

Because you’re working with limited space, it’s critical to prioritize the layout as a top design priority to maximize square footage for your walk-in shower installation. Consider a corner shower and lining the sink and toilet up on the long wall if your bathroom footprint has any kind of angle. For more help with your planning, check out our free bathroom planning guide

Let the Outdoors In

If you have a bathroom with a huge picture window (and the view is secluded or far away from neighboring neighbors), don’t waste it – incorporate it into your walk-in shower design. A window with a private view might help your bathroom appear larger. The constant flow of natural light will brighten things up significantly, making the outside feel like an extension of the entire design. A floor-to-ceiling window or other huge windows might make the outside appear to be an extension of your bathroom. If you have a view of plants or trees from your window, the greenery can bring some color to your white decor and complement the overall aesthetic.

Even if you only have a 5′ x 8′ bathroom, you can have Pinterest-worthy coolness with a walk-in shower. You must, however, think differently. First, consider your bathroom as a whole. Don’t divide your shower into sections. Look for techniques to reflect light and provide the impression of a larger area. To make greater use of limited space footage, use rain heads, built-in storage, and fold-down chairs. Finally, don’t be hesitant to incorporate curves for both pleasure and utility. Are you ready to update your shower, bathtub or entire bathroom? We have the right time for you — Valor Home Services. Let’s get your project started by reaching out to our team