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Benefits of Having Waterproof Flooring

Whether your house floods due to nature or a busted pipe, there is always a possibility of your floors having water damage. Carpet and other non-waterproof floorings easily retain water causing serious problems for not only your floors but your health. If you are on the search for new flooring, check out these benefits of having waterproof flooring

Reusable Even After Flooding

Waterproof flooring lives up to its name because it is in fact 100% waterproof instead of just being water-resistant. If your home ever floods, you can dry the boards and reinstall them back in. Whereas, you cannot reinstall water-resistant floors after flooding. Thanks to the durability of waterproof flooring, you can reuse or keep it installed for over 20 years. 

Great Choice for Children and Pet-Friendly Homes

Families and individuals with pets should consider waterproof flooring. We all know that children and animals can make many unintentional messes, especially with food and water. Unnoticed messes can damage non-waterproof flooring like carpet over a short amount of time. Waterproof flooring can not only withstand spills but is also durable enough to deal with the daily scratches and dings from playtime. Therefore, your floor will look stylish and new every day. 


For people who suffer allergies or asthma, waterproof flooring is the perfect choice for you. Flooring that isn’t waterproof can get moisture trapped underneath without any way to escape. This moisture will in turn grow mold and mildew and give off a musty odor. And in many cases, cause severe health problems especially for asthma sufferers. The backing on waterproof flooring is foam or natural cork which completely resists mold and mildew. It also eliminates the possibility of water seeping through, so you don’t have to worry about spills and messes that you don’t catch right away. 

Perfect for Humid Environments

If you live in an area that has humidity, waterproof flooring is a great asset in your home. Many non-waterproof flooring will buckle, crack, swell and contract with changes in humidity or temperature. Waterproof flooring has a unique construction that allows you to place it in an area where water problems may occur. 

Waterproof flooring not only has amazing benefits but looks stylish at the same time. There are many waterproof flooring options like tile, stone, and luxury vinyl. Do you live in O’Fallon, Edwardsville, Belleville or the surrounding areas? Contact Valor Homes Services to help you find the best flooring options for your home.