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What Colors Can You Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Painting your home’s exterior isn’t something you had on your mind the week before Thanksgiving, what with the changing weather. And depending on the state of the rooms around your home, maybe you weren’t thinking about painting the interior, either.

Had you thought, however, about painting the kitchen cabinets?

Whether your cabinets are already painted and need a new coat, or if you’re open to the idea of painting them for the first time, there are hundreds of paint colors that could leave you overwhelmed shortly after the idea bubbles up.

How will one paint versus another look on your species of wood? How will certain colors play off the appliances, flooring or wall paint in your kitchen or bathroom (or wherever else where you have cabinets)?

Save yourself the trouble and check out this list of the 4 most popular cabinet paint colors for Belleville, Caseyville, Shiloh and surrounding areas.

1. White with dark gray

Your color choices for cabinets will usually depend on the size of your space and how much natural light you get, which is why this combination of light and dark a popular, versatile option. The dark gray grounds the space, and the white cabinets catch the rejected light and bounce it around the rest of the room. The effect feels high-class, without a doubt. Cabinets painted this way look especially sharp with stainless steel appliances.

2. Rich blue

If you are going for a more vibrant color, blue is an attractive option. It’s timeless, but it still makes a statement.

3. Crisp white

You’ve seen a million pictures in magazines of white cabinets. What’s the deal? These are popular because they work well in any kitchen. The other design elements stand out as the focal point, and the cabinets provide a clean canvas.

4. “Greige”

In case you hadn’t come across this home design buzzword, greige is gray plus beige. It gives a space a cool and natural effect, and gives cabinets a nice undertone that harkens back to the natural wood underneath.

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