What Do You Do If Your Home Floods?

You’ve read our blog on how to prepare your house for flooding, but what do you do after the flood hits? In this guide, we go over what you need to do if your home floods.

Access the Damages

After any flood, the first step you need to take is to access the damage. Walk around the interior and exterior of your home. Make sure to check every room, closet, nook and cranny. If you have a two-story house, it is still a good idea to check the upstairs for any damages. If your entire property is flooded, walk around the perimeter as well. We recommend hiring a home inspector to come to the house for a thorough check to ensure that you did not miss any spots.

Make a Note of Your Losses

You did a quick look at the damages, but now it is time to make a note of all your damages and losses. You will want to jot down any areas that have water damage — floors, walls, ceilings, siding, decks/porches, landscaping, etc. Next, make a note of items that may have been ruined in the flood — valuables, electronics, vehicles, appliances, furniture, important documents, etc. Type of your list and get it ready for your insurance company.

Salvage Items

The next thing you can do before heading out of the house is to salvage items. Collect and store aways items that did not get damaged by the flood. You will want to throw away anything that cannot get wet — paper goods, furniture, electronics, etc. Items like clothing, bedding and other textiles can get washed if it has not been sitting in the water for long periods. If you notice any objects with mold or mildew, throw them away immediately. Since you may not have full access to your home, we recommend storing items in plastic containers. Next, you will want to start cleaning up the area. If you do not like the cleaning process, we also recommend hiring a clean-up service for help.

Contact Insurance Companies

Now that you know the damages in your home, it is time to contact your insurance companies. The first insurance company you will speak to is your house insurance. You will want to review your flood policy and see what they can help with. Make sure to give your insurance agent the list of items that were damaged or lost in the flood. If you use a different company for flood insurance, make sure to contact them as well. For people whose vehicles incurred damages, call your car insurance company too. Some items around your home may have warranties and insurance as well, so do not forget to call those companies.

Call Restoration Team

You took note of the damages, saved the items you could save and contacted your insurance company. The next step is to fix the issues. Restoring your home will most likely be an expensive feat, and we understand that you will want to save as much as possible. While there is nothing wrong with trying to do as much as you can on your own, we do recommend that some projects be left to the pros in your area. Projects like flooring installationbathroom remodel, basement remodel and even kitchen remodels should be left to a skilled team of professionals, especially if you do not have the equipment or knowledge. Lucky for you, you do not have to look long or far for remodeling experts in Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville and the surrounding areas. Valor Home Services is here to help! Call us today to learn more information.