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What Does Carpet And Moving In Together Have In Common?

Is it about your future, or the future of your carpet?

Can’t it be both?

This week’s article is a shout-out to couples moving in together. Maybe you just got married. Maybe you’re moving in with the thought of getting married later. Or maybe you’re just moving in because, well, you want to live together.

The process of combining two households is, without a doubt, a “thing.” It has steps, some of which have to come one before the other to avoid total chaos. And it has “best practices” to get through the process in one piece, too.

Valor Home Services is all about better communication—in fact, that’s one of our brand promises. But this extends past whatever communication you have with our company. We’re also about streamlining these bigger life events in every way we can. If you give us a part to play in your home projects as you combine two into one, we guarantee we’ll make it easier.

We’re proving that today. Follow these three practical tips to get a running start on combining two households:

1. Evaluate belongings BEFORE the move

Whether you’re moving into a bigger place or one that’s not so big, living together gives you the opportunity to share things.

This means each of you can go through your stuff first before combining. You can do the review yourself, just be sure to put it down into an inventory you can share.

The sharing part is essential, because you and your partner will then compare your lists and decide what to keep and what to sell or donate.

Did you ever stop to think how much extra spending money you can make in this step? Oh, the possibilities…

2. For your new home, find a style you both like

This one goes without saying. If one of you is into “old world” stuff with liquor bars hidden inside wooden globes plus dangling chandeliers, and the other one is into sleek, contemporary styles, compromise will be key.

Take time to browse home design websites together. See where you coincide. Maybe one of you will be in charge of layout and the other will be in charge of décor.

3. Make decisions for the long haul

Even the carpet you choose will have an impact on your future. And we really aren’t exaggerating on this one.

We’re going to use carpeting flooring as our example for this step, because it’s something we have great expertise in.

Here’s the idea: the choices you make for your shared living space today have to be made with an eye on the future. In the case of carpeting, who you get to install the carpet and how they install it—and what information they give you on its maintenance—will make or break the manufacturer warranty you have on the product.

You don’t want to go through step two and come to a compromise on carpet flooring only to find out that, when there’s a problem with the carpet later, your warranty was voided thanks to factors you weren’t aware of. Right?

We’ve written about how to protect yourself and maintain your carpet manufacturer warranties recently, so read this article to learn more. This is just another example of our commitment to better communication.

At Valor Home Services, we promise to communicate before, during and after all our Belleville, Shiloh, Edwardsville and surrounding area projects. This is particularly important for you now, because you two are working on you. Let us make your carpet installation and all other home projects as easy as possible so you can start your life together with the confidence that you’re set up for a long and happy future.