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What Stain Color Should I Choose?

When considering home upgrades, you may consider replacing light fixtures or upgrading your foyer, but another approach to update your deck, railings, and flooring is to apply a new wood stain. However, choosing the proper one is critical, since too dark might make a space appear smaller, and too light may not fit your design. Here are some things to think about while selecting a wood stain.

Different types of stains react differently to wood

Before deciding on a color and stain type, consider how the stain will respond to the sort of wood you have. Some stains bring out the natural characteristics of the wood, while others provide a more balanced tone. Water-based stains, for example, bring out the color of the wood grain, but oil-based stains penetrate the wood deeper, giving it a richer hue. Pine is prone to blotching and responds better to gel stains, which produce a more equal covering.

The best stain for a deck wood stain, for example, must be water-resistant to avoid warping, cracking, or splintering. Outdoor stains are either acrylic or oil-based, and both types are available in a range of colors and sit on the wood in distinct ways. Before making a selection, make sure to verify the sort of wood you have and your staining alternatives.

Look at your stain color under different types of lighting

Stains appear differently under different lighting conditions. If you see an example in the store that you like, apply a test stain in your home to observe how it reacts to your lighting, as incandescent (normal household light bulbs) often have a warmer tone than the fluorescent lights used in stores. Consider where the sun will shine on the wood you are staining since natural light might alter the appearance of your wood. If possible, test a small area and monitor it for a few days.

How to choose your wood stain color

The final hue will also be determined by the number of stain applications applied, as one stain coat is more transparent than two or three. If you want something more modern, go lighter—for example, pinewood with a transparent stain or limiting your selected stain to one layer. For a neutral tone, consider “pickled oak,” or if you want contrast in a bright setting, try a deeper penetrating darker stain, like “jacobean.” Golden oak and golden pecan are ideal alternatives for more reddish tones and mid-range hues. You’ll be OK as long as you consider your décor and how the stain color compliments it—just be sure to test them out first to assist you to pick what works best.

While you can go to your local home improvement store to find a stain, we also have colors. All you need to do is download Valor Home Services’ stain brochure, and you will get to see everything we have. If you are not sure what would look great in your home, do not worry because our team of refinishers can help. Get an appointment started today for stress-free hardwood floor refinishing or deck staining by calling our team today.