What To Do With Furniture When Getting New Floors

When getting new floors, you want nothing in the way and that includes the furniture in the room. Then you may ask yourself, ‘what do I do with my furniture when getting new floors?’ And lucky for you, we have the answers! Keep scrolling to learn more.

Move the Furniture

No matter what, everything in the area or room you are working on needs to be moved. While you can move them out of the way when working on a specific space, we recommend moving everything out of the room from the beginning. This ensures that bulky pieces like couches or tables will not damage your new flooring, and it makes the installation process go by more smoothly.

Hire a Company to Move It

So who do I work with if I cannot move all the pieces myself? You can easily hire a mover to help you get everything out of the room or space. You want someone dependable and trustworthy, but you do not have to go with an expensive company. Remember you are only moving the furniture, most likely to another room in your house and not a new location (unless you have a storage unit).

Ask the Flooring Installers to Move It

If you find the right contractor, your flooring installer will move the furniture for you, which is a win-win in our books! Plus, these installers will most likely put everything back in place after the installation. If you live in Belleville, O’Fallon, Edwardsville or the surrounding areas, you are in luck! Our skilled team of experts at Valor Home Services wants to provide you with a stress-free experience. That is why we move the furniture in and out for you! Plus, we can help you with choosing the type of flooring as well as the clean-up. If you like what you see, then book your next appointment with us today.