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What You Need to Know: Room Use and Carpet Choice

There’s a reason why I carry samples of multiple carpet options in the Valor Mobile Showroom. A real example of the product is essential to provide the right consultation for you. After all, you have to like the way a carpet feels and looks in real life—in your hands, in front of you—before you make a decision.

That said, the final choice you make should be based on a few other factors, too. There are certain things every homeowner needs to know before choosing the right carpet to install for the comfort, durability and beauty they’re after.

I’ll be writing about all of the “need to know” factors in coming weeks, but today, I’ll start simple. Let’s get into room use and how this needs to inform your choice of carpet.

Room Use

When Valor Home Services comes into your home for a consultation, we ask a lot of questions. If you work with any other flooring specialist, you should expect them to ask these same questions (if they don’t, they’re not doing their job).

You can be better prepared for your consultation by learning what “room use” factors will be discussed. These questions help identify the best carpet for you, so think about these questions ahead of time:

  1. How is the room going to be used?
  2. Does the room generally have light or heavy traffic?
  3. If you have pets, what kind of time do they spend in this room?
  4. Is the room the center of specific activities or family events?
  5. Does this room have direct access from outside?

Ask yourself these questions and keep your answers top-of-mind. When we meet, I’ll ask these questions and several more to gauge the type of carpet that will work best for you. And by “work best,” I mean:

  • Last longer
  • Require less maintenance
  • And look better

Your priorities come into account, too. If you’re more concerned about the look than the durability, this will all come up in your consultation. That’s how we identify the best product for you and your family.