Where Do I Hire or Find a Local Handyman?

The first step in working on a home improvement job is to find a local contractor to help. Unfortunately, there are hundreds (to even thousands) of handymen looking for work in your area. It can get to the point where it is hard to settle on one. We want to narrow down your search by helping you hire or find a local handyman.


One of the first places you may look for a local handyman is Google. All you need to type in the search bar is ‘handyman near me,’ and a selection of contractors or companies will pop up. Once you see the list, you should see all their information — hours, website, address, phone number, rating, reviews and more. From there, you can search around to find the right handyman for you. We also have a Google listing that showcases our reviews, offers, posts and more.

Social Media

The best thing about social media is that you can not only connect with people all over the world, but you can also get recommendations from your community. You can start by posting a recommendation option on your own page or even posting on a local community page. Once people see your post, they will drop you some suggestions and recommendations. Social media is also a great tool to check out local businesses in your area. Many of them will have at least a Facebook page where they post their products or services, reviews, offers and more. Valor Home Services uses Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Direct Mail

If you prefer old-school options, then you can still find a local handyman through direct mail pieces, newspapers, printed advertisements and brochures. These business listings may be throughout the piece, so you have to dig around to find who you are looking for. Depending on the space they bought, they will have contact information and an offer.


Another great way to find a local contractor is through word-to-mouth or referrals. This is where close family, friends, the community or even other businesses refer or promote the company to you. In the home service industry, this is one of the most popular ways of finding a handyman, especially since you can hear and see first count experiences from other clients.

With these four methods, you can find the right handyman for your project. But you also do not need to venture far because our skilled team of experts at Valor Home Services can help! Book your consultation today.