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Who Should Help Me Finish My Basement?

While you do not need a finished basement in your home, it is always great to accomplish. For example, it can raise the value of your home or create extra space for you and your family and friends can hang out. The first step in your basement remodel is to figure out who can help you. That’s where this guide comes to play. Keep reading to find out.


If you have an unfinished basement or are starting from scratch, you must work with a designer to plan the space. The designer will ask for your wants and needs and any inspiration photos. Feel free to go into as much detail as possible. They will do a complete walkthrough (with a contractor or project manager) and plan a guide or blueprint of where everything needs to go. Your designer will also discuss materials and additional features you may want as well. At Valor Home Services, we use a designer for all major renovations and remodels, including basement finishing. 

Remodel Company

Once the design is complete, we recommend working with a remodel or home improvement company. Some businesses like Valor Home Services will have a designer on their team, but always ask the company you are working with to see if they have one. If not, find a designer first and then go to the renovation team. The remodeling company or contractor will follow the plan and remodel the room. This part of the process varies with time, but most basement remodels take about two weeks. 

Interior Decorator

After the remodeling comes the fun part — decorating. Many homeowners feel comfortable on their own decorating their basement, but if you want to take the room to the next level, we recommend working with an interior designer or decorator. A designer will gather information from you like — themes, colors, budget and any other relevant information. From there, they will get to work and decorate your basement. 

Valor Home Services

You do not have to look far for the best stress-free basement finishing team in your area. Valor Home Services has your back! We have been in the industry for over 25 years and have a team of experts with the experience and training to renovate your basement. You can check out past customer reviews, project photos, offers and other information on our website or our Facebook page. If you are ready to book an appointment, go here