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Why Is Paint Sheen Important?

Choosing a color scheme for interior painting projects can be fun, but most homeowners admit that it can be stressful, too. It’s the mix of the two that makes it more rewarding at the end when your new space is ready and you feel totally accomplished.

With all this talk about paint color, however, you’re not exactly done once you choose the prefect shade. Next comes paint sheen. Is it really as important? More? Less? What is paint sheen, anyway?

Keep on reading, because this Belleville-area interior painting professional is about to spell it all out for you.

What exactly is paint sheen?

The “sheen” refers to the glossiness of a paint’s finish. “Glossy” and “flat” are the two polar ends of the glossiness spectrum. When you choose paint sheen, the basic rule to bear in mind is that the higher the sheen, the higher the shine, and higher shine brings greater durability.

Flat sheen—also called matte—means no shine.

The progression goes like this:

Flat – Matte – Eggshell – Satin – Semi-Gloss – High-Gloss

The left-hand side of the progression means less light reflected.

The right-hand side of the progression means more light reflected.

Which paint sheen do you choose?

Usually, flat paints are most popular for walls and ceilings. They’re easier to touch up, which is especially important in the case of walls. Flat paint is also better at hiding imperfections and can give the effect of “smoothing out” walls.

Glossier sheens are easier to clean (and more durable), meaning they’re more popular in bathrooms and kitchens where smoke, moisture and grease accumulate. Glossy sheens are also popular on baseboards, which tend to get beat up faster, since the gloss makes the paint more durable.

If you’re not sure whether a color you love will look better with one sheen or another, or if you aren’t sure what the right sheen is for your family in a specific room, reach out to me today right here on the website.