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Why Us Hiring Is Good For You, Too

Valor Home Services is currently recruiting for carpet installers. Why does this matter to you? Simple: it’s one of our brand promises to deliver the highest quality service you can get in the O’Fallon area. This means we don’t let “just anyone” on our team, and the net gain is your access to the best local labor and craftsmanship.

As we’ve reviewed candidates and promoted our opening, we realized how much these same standards we’re looking for in our new hire is something our clients should be aware of, too. Here’s why:

  1. It lets you know who you’re allowing into your home when you call Valor for service.
  2. And it gives you an idea what your standards should be when shopping for any carpet installer nearby.

Here’s what we look for as we check out job applicants and what we recommend you look for, too.

The basics

Carpet installers actually need a lot of technical knowledge and experience—both for commercial and residential jobs. A carpet installed incorrectly can mean tearing up all the product and reinstalling it later, and it can even put you at risk of voiding the manufacturer warranties. Don’t let “just anyone” get into your carpet.

Some of the skills carpet installers need to have for us to even consider them at Valor include:

  • Know how measurements work for all carpeting. This includes not only the size of the room, but the width of the roll by manufacturer, as well as the type of pile and underpad and how it all affects size and placement at the time of installation.
  • Have a full mental catalog of carpet fibers, materials, pile types, underpad and related products for installation and for proper maintenance.
  • OSHA safety training (even better if they have certification).
  • Physical conditioning. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of lifting, kneeling and bending in carpet installation. A carpet installer needs to be in good shape.
  • Excellent communication with clients so you know what to expect. A carpet installer has to be friendly. He or she needs to explain what to expect so you know how the process will work. Communication around pricing has to be equally open, too, because each project will require its own combination of old carpet removal, disposal, underpad and then carpet installation.

There are plenty of additional questions we’ve been asking all the candidates who come our way. We’re proud to hold up the Valor name and standard of excellence with our next experienced hire.

We also recently published some very specific questions you should ask ANY contractor you let into your home. Check them out right here on the website. And don’t forget, we’re online and available in chat to answer your questions and show you our own standard of excellence for your handyman, flooring, and remodeling needs.