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Why You Want An “On My Way” Notification

Picture it. You’re expecting your handyman to come between 3 and 5 p.m., and after lunch you find yourself too restless to do much else other than wait. You finally find a rhythm and think you can still get in an hour of work in your home office, before the doorbell unexpectedly rings at 1:30—the handyman has arrived early. Of course, your video conference at 2 p.m. has to be rescheduled and you scramble to call your spouse to pick up the kids at 2:30. Your whole afternoon is turned on its head.

Valor Home Services believes in deliberate and purposeful communication before, during and after your project, even a handyman call. It’s so important to us that it’s one of our brand promises. This includes sending an “on my way” notification any time we’re headed to a client’s home, even for a bigger remodel project that takes us there several times in a single week.

Communication isn’t what you should hope for, it’s what you should expect.

So, what is an “on-my-way” notification?

There can be frustration and even anxiety associated with home service calls. As you get close to your “estimated arrival window,” and then as the clock ticks through it, you start to wonder—when will they come? Will they be on time? Have they forgotten about me?

Valor’s “on-my-way” notifications are simply text messages to eliminate all those concerns.

When our handyman is dispatched to your home, he is trained to reach out to you first. He lets you know he’s on his way.

For you, this means reduced anxiety and feeling again like you’re in control of who enters your home and when—which is a fundamental feeling you are entitled to.

We also let you know who to expect so that you have no doubt when you open the door and see our Valor representative smiling back at you. One of the biggest considerations in-home safety is always feeling confident that you know who you’re letting into your home, and we’re mindful of that. For handyman services in O’Fallon, Belleville, Shiloh, Edwardsville, Collinsville, Caseyville, and Glen Carbon, count on Valor Home Services! For those of you who have seen our trucks already or already knew about our flooring craftsmanship, did you know we do handyman work, too? Contact us right away in the chat on the website, or give us a call—your peace of mind is just that important.